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Long In The Tooth


Leader of the Tuskers

Important text

  • Paul (Thinking): Great, another one.
  • Paul (Thinking): Yes, human. One of the reasons we CHOSE this frigid wasteland was for the cold...
  • Paul (Thinking): ... so that nobody would bother us. *ahem*
  • Paul (Thinking): YES! WE GET IT! IT'S VERY COLD! What do you WANT?!
  • Paul (Thinking): Yes, we've had quite a few visitors lately. Far too many. Just yesterday an ice dragon came to us.
  • Paul (Thinking): Yesterday's ice cave was much larger. That's beside the point.... What do you want (class)?
  • Paul (Thinking): me Paul.
  • Paul (Thinking): Yes, it was. It came also seeking assistance. What do YOU have to offer?
  • Paul (Thinking): Well, at least your offer is more reasonable. All the dragon promised us was death if we did not join her.
  • Paul (Thinking): But we Tuskers are proud. We do not respond to threats. If we are to be caught in the middle of a war we did not start...
  • Paul (Thinking): ...Then we will side with the people who came to us in friendship. We are with you, human.
  • Paul (Thinking): Human...The dragon seemed...Almost frightened of Aisha. If she tried to get us to join with fear... maybe she did the same to the ice dragons.
  • Paul (Thinking): Speak to them. If you can convince them to join us as well...this war may be over before it begins.
  • Paul (Thinking): Farewell, human. All our hopes for peace are riding on you.


Ends the Quest

Notes Paul might be a reference to Paul McCartney a Beatle's member. The Beatles made the song "I am the Walrus".

  • Maybe cause your under water.....