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The Final 13th Darkness Attacks Boss Fight!


ArchKnight, A New Beginning


Ash's first (and somewhat inept) adversary. Appears to be an elf of some sort, judging by his ears.

Important text

  • Note: Necromancer, aka Necro.

First Appearance:

Necromancer: Well done my minions. Where ever did you find her?
Skele 1: Aaaaaarrreeewwwww!
Necromancer: Really? What was she doing in there?
Skele 2: Aaaarreeewwwww!
Necromancer: Oh my. Hmm, what should we do with her now?
Princess: Release me now or my Father will send his knights and...
Necromancer: Haha! And do what?
Necromancer: You are very far from home young Pri...
Skele 4: Master! Someone is approachi...
Skele 4: Whoops! I mean... Arew?
Necromancer: This is the last time I will say this!
Skele 4: Eeek! *cough* Arreew?
Necromancer: In this world...
Necromancer: The undead are NOT able to talk!
Necromancer: Kill the intruder, then bring the girl to the crypt.
Princess: HELP! Somebody save me!

Second Appearance:

Princess: You saved me! My Knight in shining armor!
Ash: Actually...
Ash: The armor is old and rusty... and, I am not a Knight... yet.
Princess: What? You're... not a Knight?
Ash: No. Because I am not of noble blood, I must save a... save a Princess to earn a King's favor and be Knighted.
Ash: Then... I will conquer all evil and become the ArchKnight!
Princess: Are you serious? *chuckle*
Princess: Hehehe... Hahaha!
Princess: *ROTFL* Right... haha!
Ash: ...
Princess: Haha! You are just wandering the forest on the chance that... will haha find some cliche Princess and save her...
Necromancer: Excuse me... Sir Wannabe, you will have to find your own.
Necromancer: This one is mine.
Princess: HELP!

Third Appearance:

Necro: We have an unexpected guest.
Necro: Magically seal the door. Use the orbs to dispel it later. I am going to put her with the others.
Princess: Somebody SAVE ME!!!! Why are you doing this!?
Necro: Shhh. Your would-be hero will make a nice addition to my undead army.
Necro: Mwhaha! So do not take him alive! Got that?
Skele 1, Skele 2, Skele Caster: Arrreeewww!
Necro: Let's go.
Skele Caster: Double Bullseye! You would need two dispell orbs to open that!
Skele Caster: *cough* I mean... Arrrreeeewewewe!

Fourth Appearance:

Princess: HELP!
Necro: Mwahahaha... yelling in here is futile.
Necro: By now your hero has been slain and turned into one of my undead troops.
Princess: But why? Why me? Why are you doing this?
Necro: The ultimate spell my master is preparing...
Necro: ...requires the blood of a Darkovian Princess!
Princess: But I....
Necro: Shhh... step back, the portal is opening.
Necro: Master, I have done thy bidding, behold...
Necro: I present the Princess of Darkovia!
???: ...
Necro: Master?
???: The Necromancer who captures the Princess of Darkovia will be given the most sought after prize of our evil art...
???: I will teach them the language of darkness.
???: BUT...
Necro: M... m... aster?
???: The Princess of Darkovia is a brunette...
Necro: !
???: Worse yet, I detect a hero in your dungeon.
???: Let me know how it turns out...
Necro: ARGH!
Necro: Imposible, you have magical royal blood in your veins!
Necro: I sensed it with my magic...
Necro: and you mentioned your father's knights...
Princess: But, I am from...
Necro: QUIET!!!!
Ash: Did I come at a bad time?
Necro: Enough...
Necro: Kill... Kill them all! Starting with her!!!!
Ash: Stop! I will not let you do it...
Necro: Haha
Necro: KILL HER!
Ash: Vorpal ArchKnight weapon throw technique!!!
Ash boomeranges the skele troops
Necro: Hahaha! You missed.
Princess: ...
Skele army falls apart into broken bones.
Necro: Grrr... HAH!
Necro turns the Princess into a chunk of ice.
Necro: What? Freeze spell?
Necro: That was supposed to be darkness...
Necro: What else could go wrong today?
Ash: You are about to find out...
Proceeds to Boss Battle!


Quest Final Battle