Mystlyk Museum

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Mystlyk Museum
Before: A strange, quiet building full of old relics from the time of the human ChaosWeavers! Be sure to gather up anything laying around, it might be useful later on in the quest!
After: You've GOT to get Riadne back! She's got the Key!
Location Info
Level Required: Any
Location: Ravenloss
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Fixed
Monster List: Chaos Weaver Artisan (Scaled Level), Chaos Weaver Soldier (Scaled Level), Chaos Weaver Beggar (Scaled Level), Might Embodiment (Scaled Level),
NPCs: Greed, Tomix, Riadne, Izaac Stellini
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Gold: Scaled
Equipment Won: Necklaces


<-- Previous Quest: Silkwood Park
--> Next Quest: Dark Tower Penitentiary


  • If you pick up all 3 purple horns that you find throughout the quest, and put them onto a red rock found in the museum, it unlocks a shop where you can get a Summon Gem for a monster named Roktoru. Only for DA holders, and is level 25 to equip (it's a trinket). Once you have placed the horns on the rock, you can access the shop any time while still in Mystlyk Museum.
  • In the museum, there is a screen with three large stone objects:
  1. A statue's head, seemingly a creature's. When your character approaches it, the description says "A__i_nt Dra__n_id, most of the text is damaged".
  2. A tall rock pillar is in the middle of the three. Description: "Carved into this obelisk are ancient runes which read "Your triumph will be your demise. Beware!".".
  3. A decorated cube standing on a corner tip. The description for it is simply "Pandora's Cube".
  • On another screen, there is an image on the wall of a warrior with a female, and a sword stabbed into the ground. Description: "Panorama of Vaal, Ravenloss' hero, leaving his wife in Pellow Village to go to work.".
  • In a room off the hall, there is a glass container with old and rough notes kept inside. Parts of the drawings look like a rotary device or a scythe. Description: "A prized copy of the Judgment Wheel concept schematics."
  • In the hall which our characters run along, there is the torso of a statue with a dark look and curving head horns. Description: "A statue of Sk'aar, the deity of Nightmares in the Chaosweaver pantheon.".
  • The museum is also where we see the yellow Might Embodiment.