Mr. Poofles (Level 55)

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Mr. Poofles
The icon representing Mr. Poofles (Level 55)
Mr. Poofles (Level 55)
Awww thank goodness Lim found a mage to change Mr. Poofles back to his normal self! Lim even added a big blue bow! this item requires a Dragon Amulet
Basic Informations
Level Required: 55
Character Type:Pet
Location:Dimension Cat
Dragon Amulet Needed:Yes
Price:Quest Reward
Sellback:175 Gold
Pet Statistics
Damage Type:Melee, Water
Special Effects:Crit +4


  • Mr. Poofles has two different ways of attacking. He attacks with his normal attack where he deals 6-7 damage four times. And he has a second attack, where he dissapears, his eyes grow bigger, and deals around 30-40 damage.
  • Mr. Poofles's second and powerful attack has a chance to stun the foe for 3 turns. (This is confirmed.)