Message in a Bottle

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The icon representing Message in a Bottle.
Message in a Bottle
Each message ends with the same note (Note: This item has no further use and you can safely sell or destroy it)
  • Message Part #1: Yarrr! This be Stumpy McPlank! I only be
  • Message Part #2: having these small pieces of paper, har har
  • Message Part #3: and these equally small bottles, har har
  • Message Part #4: so I be sending it to ye a piece at a time.
  • Message Part #5: Now, onto the important part. OH NO! I HAVE BEEN CAPTURED! If ye get this
  • Message Part #6: please send word to Rhubarb next week. Ya know when
  • Message Part #7: ye ol DF team get the next release up.
  • Message Part #8: that the ninjas of shonuff island be planning to
  • Message Part #9: steal the massive shipment of
  • Message Part #10: potions that will be passing by Osprey Cove!
Level: 1
Location:Irate Pirates
Sellback:10 Gold

Additional Bottles

Message in a Bottle
This is a plea for help from one of the many many pirates stranded on one of the many many islands around Osprey Cove. Collect the whole set or sell them to collectors!
Level: 1
Location:Belly Of The Beast, Cleaning House
Sellback:250 Gold