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Mayor of Moonridge


Moonridge: Saved!


Mayor of Moonridge.

Important text

Moonridge: Saved!

Mayor: Good people of Moonridge ...
Citizen: Woo!
Citizen: Yahoo!
Citizen: Hurray!
Mayor: Lend me your EARS! ...
Citizen: Woo!
Citizen: Yahoo!
Citizen: Hurray!

Sally throws an ear on stage

Mother: Ew! Sally! Leave those left-over zombie parts on the ground!
Mayor: Lend me your EYES! ...
Citizen: Woo!
Citizen: Yahoo!
Citizen: Hurray!

Sally throws an eye on stage

Mother: SALLY! No throwing undead monster parts at the nice mayor.
Mayor: Lend me your HEARRrrrrr ... OK, seriously Sally. Put that down.

Sally lowers her head and her arm, looking defeated.

Mother: You are in SO much trouble when we get home, young lady!
Mayor: Today we celebrate the saviors of our home! Behold our heroes <Character> and Artix!
Citizen: HUZZAH!
Citizen: ALL HAIL Artix and <Character>!
Citizen: HOORAY! Thank you <Character>!
Mayor: They selflessly came to Moonridge to rescue us and defeated a horde of undead invaders!
Mayor: For this I am proud to give you the key to the city!

Large Key descends to the stage

Artix: OOOOoooh! A SKELETON key!
Mayor: We have a big night planned, including 'Pin The Tail On Harvey, The Tailless Donkey' ... but first ...
Mayor: ... <Character>, Artix, If there is ever anything the grateful people of Moonridge can ever ...
Lady Vayle: Excuse me, Mayor. I would like to meet and thank our heroes personally.
Citizen: ???
Citizen: ???
Citizen: ???

Lady Vayle walks forward

Lady Vayle: So the two of you single handedly defeated the Necromantress' undead army?
<Character> and Artix in unison: We did our best!
<Character> and Artix in unison: Hey! That was my line!
<Character> and Artix in unison: ...
<Character> and Artix in unison: You go first ...
<Character> and Artix in unison: ...
<Character> and Artix in unison: Stop copying me!
<Character> and Artix in unison: ...
<Character> and Artix in unison: .........
<Character> and Artix in unison: SNICKERDOODLE!
<Character> and Artix in unison: Woah, that was weird
Lady Vayle: Defeating an undead army of that strength requires a great deal of skill and power.
Lady Vayle: That was quite impressive. Let me be the first to PERSONALLY thank you.
Mayor: Please forgive her, heroes. Lady Vayle is very strange.
Artix: Did you say ... Vayle?
Lady Vayle: !!!
Artix: It is just that I knew a girl named Vayle once when I was a young boy.

Lady Vayle: Impossible! This cannot be that little boy I met during the ...
Artix: Could this be the same Vayle I met when I was a little boy?

Sally starts poking something under the stage with a stick

Mother: Sally, get out of there this instant! I thought I told you to stop playing with the ...


Sally: But Mom, Look! When I poke this thing under the stage with a stick ... it moves! Hehehehe!
Citizen: *Gasp*
Citizen: Oh Em Gee!
Citizen: Why did I ever move here?

Giant monster bursts from under the stage

<Character>: Artix!

Giant pole falls towards Lady Vayle, but Artix intercepts it, holding it up.

Lady Vayle: Artix, he ... he saved me ...
<Character>: Let me help you!
Artix: I can hold. That monster has grabbed the little girl, you have to save her!
<Character>: *nods* I'm on it!
Artix: Just be careful ... he looks HEAVILY ARMED!
<Character>: ...
<Character>: Alright. Hey you big pile of bones ... over here!



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