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Currenty Event: Ice Dragon Invasion of Falconreach!
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Al Gilman 00:44, 20 November 2006 (CST)
Oooo, Simeks change for the front page is awesome. So I went ahead and changed it up. ^_^ Hope you all enjoy it, feel free to throw any complaints that you have directly at me. Hmm maybe we should get some Moglins to run our complaints department!

Actreal 02:04, 27 November 2006 (CST)
Simek has proposed a new format for the Main Page. Please take a look and post your feedback on Talk:Main Page Test.

If everyone likes it, I'll move it across!

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Design Notes

August-ish, 2007
(Because the date today confounds me!)

The epic showdown is happening NOW! Literally the "biggest" fight in DF history!

To face the insane pyromancer you should use the portal to visit Warlic. Begin the chain of quests to save the town of Lymcrest. These quests were designed for players of all levels and feature some amazing item rewards!  In the final quest you will team up with Warlic… and, well, it is without question our most insane quest yet (with an animated cutscene from Miltonius, awesome looking high level weapons from J6, and the sort of humor you would expect from Cysero). Good luck!

Xan is an insane Pyromancer who has total control over the element of fire. We do not know what events drove him to the depths of total insanity and left him engulfed in those magical flames… ok, Warlic did say it was his fault… but we do know that he and his fire monsters show no mercy. His armies burned Falconreach to the last board. He turned the town of Lymcrest’s river into a boiling trench of lava. He can now cast illusions over his infernal armies to disguise them. Even as you read this one of his spies has replaced someone from town and watches our every step. The Pyronomicon has boosted his wicked power to unthinkable levels. His only weakness thus far has been his fixation on getting back at Warlic and his allies. Xan must be stopped and only you have the power to do it. But be careful my friend, Xan will never yield. It will take the full power of a DragonLord in order to finally take down this monster….

Earlier Today....
Players say, "Do not just give us a picture! We want more info!"
DF Team says, "But a picture is worth 1,000 words..."
Players say, "Hmmm....."
DF Team <Thinks> "Did we do it? Yes? Victory!">
Players, "Not good enough!"
DF Team says, "Doh..."
Players say, "Besides, we wrote more than a thousand words in the last five minutes of posts. Tell us more now and be sure there are lots and lots of *'s!"
* says, "Do I get a say in this?"
Players and DF Team say, "NO!"

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