Love at First Scythe Mark 2

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This item is rarely available!

This item was introduced during a special event, and is only available in the game when the event/war occurs or repeats (i.e. Frostvale, Friday The 13th), or possibly never again.

Love at First Scythe Mark 2
The Icon representing Love at First Scythe Mark 2
Love at First Scythe Mark 2
This magical bladed staff is normally used by the rare breed of wizards known as Romance-mancers.
Level Required: 13
Equipment Type: Staff
Damage: 30 - 40
DPT: 35
Damage Type: Melee, Stone
Rarity: 4
Location: Hero's Heart
Price: 17 Tokens of Affection
Sellback: 110
Category: Weapon
Equip Spot: Weapon
Dragon Amulet Needed: Yes


Dodge: +1

Crit: +2

CHA: +2

Bonus: +1