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King Alteon in Frostvale



  • King Alteon is the fearless leader of Lore. He led the 299 elite guards into Xan's hot gates...and lost. He was then lost in the field of combat, where you saved him if you were in the Xan war. He then entitled you the 301st elite guard.
  • The Plot spoiler bag hints that he is the father of Robina.

Important text

Frostvale - (Part 2)

King Alteon: Well my <Your Class>. It is an honor to finally meet you. I have heard many tales of your adventures.
King Alteon: Today you have done the entire kingdom, a great service. The bards will sing of this day.
King Alteon: I knew you would do the right thing... you are someone who can be counted on in the dark times ahead.
King Alteon: During your encounter with Icemaster Yeti were you able to discover who was behind this?
<Character>: Yes, I overheard the name Sepulchure. I believe this person was attempting to use the moglins to make healing weapons.
King Alteon: Indeed.
<Character>: It does not seem like it worked, Sepulchure broke the deal right as I arrived.
King Alteon: Interesting. I am often amazed by the unthinkable convenient timing of events in RPGs.
<Character>: What?
King Alteon: Hmmm, never mind that. Let us keep this between ourselves. I will see what I can learn of this Sepulchure.
King Alteon: I will send you an invitation to my Castle in Swordhaven once I have returned from this journey.
<Character>: Journey? Will you be long?
King Alteon: *Smiles* I shall not be gone too much longer. There is someone I must meet with. I am happy that Frostvale was on the way.
King Alteon: Now is a time of celebration, all in your honor. Happy Frostval <Character>!
Frost Moglin: Thank you <Character>! You're the whole town's hero!

The Hot Gates

King Alteon: *Coughs* Who goes there?
<Character>: King Alteon, I am <Character>, a friend.
King Alteon: ... *coughs* ...
King Alteon: Thank you for saving me *coughs* Xan... Xan is more powerful than we ever imagined.
King Alteon: He had a second army of fire monsters waiting for us ...
King Alteon: All 500,000 of my Knights were defeated!
King Alteon: *coughs*
<Character>: King Alteon! You are wounded!
King Alteon: It is alright ... Now listen carefully. *coughs* When facing Xan my 299 Elite Knights formed a wall ...
King Alteon: Xan defeated them all with a single fire spell ...
King Alteon: *coughs* a SINGLE SPELL!
King Alteon: But <Character>, we can still win this ...
<Character Thinking>: Judging by the 0 remaining Knights he must have a REALLY good plan.
<Character>: How, sire?
King Alteon: Because we have more warriors than Xan does!
<Character>: ????
King Alteon: <Character>, what is your profession?
<Character>: Video Game Character?
King Alteon: NO! You are...
<Character>: Ahwaaaa?
King Alteon: <Character>, become the 301st Elite Knight, stop Xan, and save Falconreach!
<Character>: 301st? What happen to 300th?
King Alteon: Let's not talk about that...
King Alteon: Take this cape and stand your ground against all odds. Save Falconreach as the 301st Elite Knight!
King Alteon: For tonight... we dine in Serenity's Inn!



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  • The King's quote, "For tonight... we dine in Serenity's Inn!" is a spoof of the line, "Spartans! Tonight We Dine in Hell!"; spoken by King Leonidas in the movie 300.