Ice Dragon Scale

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Ice Dragon Scale
It goes up to thousands of pounds!
Type: Resource
Level: 1
Location:Dragonbane Vein, The Hatchling Hunt, Snow Rescue!, Un-BEAR-Able Cold, Gary, Not So Great Escape, The Killguin Arena, Long In The Tooth, The Snow Fields
Price:Quest Reward
Sellback:25 Gold
Exchanged at:Galanoth
Reward:Unlock Dragonslayer Armor (you need 1)


  • The description is a play on words with the name of the item.
  1. Scale: the scaly covering of a scaled animal.
  2. Scale: an instrument or machine for weighing.
  • It doesn't have an inventory icon. There's nothing instead.
  • It's also used to bribe for +10 Bonus at Tipping the Scales quest.
  • The easiest place to get a dragon scale is the quest The Hatchling Hunt, a random quest, because there is only one battle and if you are fully healed it should be easy for any level (considering it is scaled). Just look for when Ganaloth says "I think that it's time you took on a dragon, (Character Name)."