Huntsmaster Frrwl

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Huntsmaster Frrwl


Bear Facts


The Leader Of The Ursice Savages.

Important text

Huntsmaster Frrwl: Humans are so strange. But I cannot ignore tradition...or the gift of a pic-a-nic basket. What would you ask of me?
Huntsmaster Frrwl: BAH! This has Blackclaw's stink all over it. I have told the shaman that I do not trust his dreams.
Huntsmaster Frrwl: WAIT...I...Uh...I would never refuse people who come to us for help. We will...assist you. You have my word.
Huntsmaster Frrwl: Now leave the pic-a-nic basket, and get out of here!


Any services this NPC offers, such as:


Bear Facts