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New to the Wiki? Not sure how to create or edit? Then you are in the right place! This is a comprehensive guide to creating and editing standard articles for the DragonFable wiki!

Step One: Choosing the Right Title

Getting the title right would seem a no-brainer, but simple mistakes can make it necessary to move a page.
Remember that spelling and capitalization are definitive. Using 'THE END', 'The End' or 'the end' will create different articles!


Enter their name as it is displayed during battle, and add the level in parenthesis.
Example: Scaled Monsters - Reign Minion (Scaled Level) <5> Example: Fixed Level Monsters - Reign Giver (Level 10)<10> Example: Bosses - Reign Master (Scaled Level)<25>


Enter the name as displayed on the "Details" window of the weapon; or the shop list where it is sold.
Example: Regular Weapon - Fortune's Heir
Example: Conflicting Names - Sanity's Edge (Level 23)


Enter the name as displayed in the Welcome banner, or failing that, what the local NPCs call the area.
Example: Amityvale


Enter the name as displayed on the conversation bubble for NPCs/Guests.
Example: Warlic
Enter the name as it appears in the "Details" window of the pet; or the shop list where it is sold.
Example: Jacksparrow

Other Items

Enter the name as displayed on the "Details" window of the item; or the shop list where it is sold.
Example: Regular Item - Frost Belt of Magus
Example: Conflicting Name - paullee### (Level 20)


Enter the name as displayed on the "Quest" window during the actual quest.
Example: Haunted Castle

Wars and Special Events

This type of article can have title typos and mismatching names that can drive you nuts. Do your best to discover the "correct" name of the event. Read the Design Notes, view town notices, and talk to NPC's to learn the name of the war/event and it's spelling. Please note that a lot of the event titles utilize punctuation. Artix and team love being dramatic.
Example: War - 06/16/06 Dragon Assault on Willowshire
Example: War - Amityvale Invasion!
Example: Event - Hero's Heart Day

Step Two: Choosing the Right Template


Any creature/person you fight in a battle.
USE: Monster Template AND Blank Scaled Statistics Table
Note: You must include these two separate templates for correct page creation. Stats template goes at the end of the page.
Example: Awdreetoo (Scaled Level)


Any item that can cause damage to enemies.
USE: Weapon Template
Example: Spinning Death

Toxic Cutlass


Anything that a character can equip on his/her person.
Belt - Belt Template
Capes and Wings - Cape Template
Helm - Helmet Template
Necklace - Necklace Template
Ring - Ring Template
Example: Deathknight Cloak


All quests and wars in Dragon Fable.
USE: Quest Template

Note:You must include these tags for Quests:

[[Category:Quests]] and/or [[Category:Scaled Quests]]

You must include all of the above PLUS this tag for Wars:

Example Quest: Captain's Orders
Example War: Friday The 13th III, Finale!


Any non-combat place that has NPC's and Shops, such as a town.
USE: Meta-Area Template
Example: Falconreach


Any place that has stuff for sale.
USE: Shop Template
Example: Helms and Capes


Characters you interact with in the game.
USE: NPC Template
Example: Rhubarb


Any non-pet NPC that joins you in battle.
USE: Guests Template
Example: Artix


All pets, including NPC pets that you own or can invite to join you in battle as a pet.
USE: Pets Template
Example: Ancestral Snake Spirit


There is no actual template for this yet, but the format being followed can be seen in any class article.
Use: Classes Template
See: Classes for examples.


Any item that has no use except to be sold or serve as a "box" for special items that will "open" at a later date.
USE: Junk Template
Example Junk: Bloodstained Mark of Honor
Example 'Box': Curious Locked Chest


Any item that is gathered purposefully in exchange for training or enhancing weapons.
USE: Collectible
Example: Elemental Essence

Personal User Page

User pages are optional and you can do almost anything you want to them to show off your individuality and creativity.
There is a nice template already in place if you want to display your character(s) in a Wiki format:Character Template.

Rare Items

Sometimes an item/pet comes into the game for a short time and then becomes unavailable. In this case, add the text:
to the top of your existing article to create the Rare template.
Example: Hallow'd Edge

Step Three: Entering the Correct Information

Follow the Template!

Templates are created to ensure easy entering of information, and provide a standard, attractive looking article. If you cannot figure out how to enter the information from an item/character into a blank template, please ask for help instead of doing it incorrectly.
Also, completely fill out ALL the information in the template. If you cannot figure this out or are missing some necessary information, again, ask for help!

Adding Images

Adding an image to an article is easy! Simply click the "Embedded Image" button to automatically add the default tag to the top of the article.

Embedded Image Button

Then, replace the "Example.jpg" text with your image's name and specify the type, size, and location for your image. See below for more details.

Taking Screen Shots

-English Keyboards-
With Windows OS:

  • 1) Have the image you want to capture displayed on your screen.
  • 2) Press the "Print Screen|SysRq" button on the upper left corner of your keyboard. It is to the left of the "Scroll Lock" button.
  • 3) Open MS PAINT or similar editing program.
  • 4a) Select CTRL-V to paste the image onto a blank canvas,


  • 4b) Right click on a blank canvas and select "Paste" with a left click of your mouse.
  • 6) Crop/edit the image to include only the item you want to display.
  • 7) Save the image as a PNG file with a name that relates to the item being screen captured.

-English Keyboards-
With Mac OS*:

  • 1) Have the image you want to capture displayed on your screen.
  • 2) Open the program "Preview" in "Applications".
  • 3) In the "File" menu, hover over "Grab" and click "Selection"
  • 4) Starting in the farthest corner, use the crosshair cursor to click, hold, and drag, surrounding the area you wish to capture. Release the mouse when the desired area is covered.
  • 5) This image will be saved to your desktop as a .tiff file, and will immediately pop up on your screen in Preview.
  • 6) To change the format of the file, simply double click on the text below the thumbnail on your desktop and change to ".PNG" at the end of the title.

-Other Languages-*
With Windows OS:

  • Most of the non-English Keyboards have the same functions

With Mac OS:

  • Most of the non-English Keyboards have the same functions

Uploading Images

To upload your image, click on the "Upload File" in the Navigation bar on the left hand side of your screen.
Or click here: Upload File In the comment box, please include the appropriate image tag for your file. Example:


Acceptable Formats

  • All files must be PNG only.
  • All files must be clear and sharp at their default size.
  • All files must be a reasonable viewing size (nothing tiny!)

Resizing Images

The standard image will be added to the top of an article with the following format:

Image.PNG|thumb|right|230px|Comment Here

  • Image - This is the name of your image. Spelling and capitalization count!
  • Thumb - Designates the image as a thumbnail of the original. This allows you to specify the size. OAnother option is to use the word "Frame" in place of "Thumb". This will display the image at it's original size. Not recommended for use unless the image is smaller than 230px.
  • Right - Designates the position of the image to the right side of the page. This is where all the standard images go. Exceptions are for galleries and additional images further down in the article. Other options are left, center and none.
  • 230px - This is the largest pixel size that will fit in the space between the article and the ads on the right side of the page, without overlapping. For full page images, you may enter any number up to 680px without causing an overlap.
  • Comment - Enter the name of the item/person/pet, or a description of what is going on in the image.

Re-Uploading Images

Screwed up? Image doesn't look right? Have a better image than the one that exists? Use Re-Upload instead of creating a new file!
Select "Upload a new version of this file" on the image's page. Located in the "File History" section below the image. At first, it will seem as if there is no change to the image, but if you wait a few minutes and refresh the page, you will have your new image.

Image Galleries

We often have a bunch of cool images for one article, but placing them all in the side bar can look cluttered and confusing. To fix this, we use a gallery! At the end of an article, create a new section called "Additional Images" or "Gallery".

To this section you add the tags:

Image:Picture1.PNG|Town Notice
Image:Picture2.PNG|Skill in use


Image:HydraBoss.PNG|I'm a monster!
Image:Sandwitch.PNG|Me too!
Image:Mumragon.png|Mumragon SMASH!

Looks like:

Example Images

CORRECT! Good size, clear image, cropped appropriately, right file type.
INCORRECT! Bad size, blurry image, not cropped, wrong file type.


Calculating DPT (Monsters and Weapons)

Use the formula for averages: (a + b) / 2 = c

Example 1

  • Monster's Damage: 250-400

Step One: Add together the Minimum and Maximum Damage

250 + 400 = 650

Step Two: Divide the resulting total by 2

650/2 = 325
  • This monster's DPT is 325!

Example 2 (Decimals)

  • Weapon's Damage: 1-50

Step One: Add together the Minimum and Maximum Damage

1 + 50 = 51

Step Two: Divide the resulting total by 2

51/2 = 25.5 ( When decimal is .5 or higher, round the number up)
  • This weapon's DPT is 26!

Reference Links

What's in a name? If you have a reference to include for an item/person, please take the time to add a link to the information for others!

Look it up in the wiki and leave a link in the "Notes" section of your article using this external link tag.

 [http://www.WebSite.URL LinkNameInThisSpace]


[ Link]

Becomes: Link

Spelling and Grammar

We can't all be Masters of English, but you should TRY to create your articles with the best spelling and sentence structure as you are able.

Deleting Stuff

You can't delete an existing image or article yourself, but you can tag your images for Admins to delete!

Please use


on the image/page you think should be deleted and add your reason in the comment section.

Step Four: Preview and Save

The most important part of article making! Previewing your article will avoid having to go back and edit it later.
Select the "Preview" button and check:

  • Did you use the right (or any!) template?
  • Is the article completely filled out?
  • Are all the links working? (Look for BLUE links, RED indicates a broken link)
  • Are all the pictures of correct size and location?
  • Did you proof-read for spelling errors and sentence structure?
  • Did you add the necessary tags? (Rare Items)

If you can answer "Yes", then click "Save" and you are done!


Wrong or Missing Information

Don't worry. You can fix most errors it by selecting "Edit" on any article. Once you fix the problem; preview and save your changes!

If you have made a major mistake (or found one) and can't figure out how to fix it, tag the page and/or ask for help.

-Tags for Pages-

Under Construction

 {{Under Construction|comment= Your Comment/Problem}} 

Needs a better image/Missing it's image.


Article Has The Wrong Name

Any article can be moved to a new title, creating a redirect for all the pages linking to the wrong article. If an article has the wrong title, go to "Edit" and select "Move". Enter in the correct name of the article and your reason for moving it. Click "Move Page" and you are done. Remember, as always, spelling and capitalization count!


It's unfortunate, but some simple minds think it's fun to deface things for no reason. If this happens, contact Al Gilman, Chaosvii7, Jayzara, Seishou, QueenBowie or Ace so the user can be blocked and their vandalism reversed.


  • * I don't have information about screen capture using Mac OS, or keyboards of non-English set-up. Please add this information if you know it!
  • If you want to practice your page making, check out the Sandbox!

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