Hooded Sight Cowl

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Hooded Sight Cowl
Sage Uldor is a well-known psychic with many unexplored powers. It's said that his powers are increased due to the fact that he's blind. Try this hood on and see if YOUR powers increase, too!
Level Required: 40
Equipment Type: Helmet
Location:Alac's Helmet Shop
Price:1000 gold
Sellback:100 gold
Equip Spot:Head
Dragon Amulet Needed:No
Notes:Your mana alchemy skill must be lvl 10 to access the shop.


Bonus: +2

Crit: +3

Dodge: +2

Int: +4

Dex: +4

Str: +4

Wis: +7


  • Sage Uldor is a blind quest giver in Yulgar's in in Adventure Quest.