Hero's Heart

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Hero's Heart Shop Button
Hero's Heart
A shop for exchanging Tokens of Affection for seasonal rares.
Location Info
Level Required: 1
Location: Hero's Heart Day (Seasonal)
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
NPCs: Big Daddy
Shop: For 10 Tokens of Affection:

Heart Breaker, Valentanto, Heartache Staff**

For 12 Tokens of Affection:
Ex's Calibur, Juliet's Dagger, Love at First Scythe

For 15 Tokens of Affection:
The L-(s)word, Heart Surgeon's Dagger, Crimson Heart Staff, Burning Love Sword, Burning Love Staff, Burning Love Dagger

For 16 Tokens of Affection:
Shattered Love Sword, Shattered Love Staff, Shattered Love Knife

For 17 Tokens of Affection:
Ex's Calibur Mark 2, Juliet's Dagger Mark 2, Love at First Scythe Mark 2

For 19 Tokens of Affection:
Separation, Division, Dissolution

For 20 Tokens of Affection:
Ex's Calibur Mark 3, Juliet's Dagger Mark 3, Love at First Scythe Mark 3

For 24 Tokens of Affection:

Heartache Sword**, Heartbreak, Heartburn
Rest: No


  • **Both of these weapons are called "Heartache", but were labeled with the addition of staff and sword to avoid confusion.