Hematite Hood

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Hematite Hood
This hood has hematite beads sewn into the lining. It is said they will protect you from spilling your blood in battle and strengthen your endurance! This item requires a Dragon Amulet and is color customizable.
Level Required: 36
Equipment Type: Helmet
Location:Trader's Bazaar (Arsinoe's Shop)
Price:1400 Gold
Sellback:140 gold
Equip Spot:Head
Dragon Amulet Needed:Yes
Notes:similar with Necromancer's Cowl. Its the helm that Dain Loriann wears in Battle for the Eastern Hills!


Block: +1

Crit: +3

Magic Def: +1

Range Def: +1

Melee Def: +2

END: +6

LUK: +2

INT: +3

STR: +3

Bonus: +3