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Basic Information

Useable from battle screen for all classes and levels. Currently, you may only hold two at a time. By clicking on it during battle your character drinks a potion and heals 100 damage. NOTE: potions do not have to always be drunk in battle! You can click on your inventory, and click on the potion icon to heal. Using this technique you can drink potions, grab more at a potion box, and practically full heal yourself and refill potions.

Potions are currently refilled to their maximum (two health and two mana) when re-logging into Dragon Fable.


You can refill at Reens' Potion Shop, Rhubarb, The Smashing Pumpkin Inn, Dr. Voltabolt, Artix at Necropolis, and Sir Junn for free. You can also heal at every Inn and most quest giving NPCs.


By going to Reens' Potion Shop in Falconreach, you may do the Reagent Search quest to increase your potion's healing power. This allows potions to heal from 100 to up to 400+ damage when one is drunk.


For Rouges only, if you equip the Pirate armor, the very last skill on the left is called Pickpocket. You have a small change of finding a health potion, a mana potion, or 1-203 gold. This is the only method of being able to have 2+ mana and health potions in your inventory. Rouges only.

House item

If you have a Potion Chest in your house, than you can click on it to instantly refill all potion bottles.

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