Gunmetal Wings of Wind

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Gunmetal Wings of Wind
The icon representing Gunmetal Wings of Wind.
Gunmetal Wings of Wind
This item is Dragon Amulet only. They were designed to catch the strong gusts of wind from the elemental mountains and carry the wearer soaring through the sky, but they are made of steel so that doesn't happen.
Level Required: 5
Equipment Type: Cape
Location:Everyone Knows It's Windy
Price:Quest Reward
Sellback:Not Sellable
Equip Spot:Back
Dragon Amulet Needed:Yes
Notes:These are a reference to Winged Gundam, from the Gundam Wing Series.


Melee Def: +1

Magic Def: +1

Range Def: +1

Bonus: +1

LUK: +1

Resistance: Wind: +3