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Gorgok is the dragon that besieges Willowshire. His army is mainly consisted of togs and dravirs. After his defeat in the Earth Orb saga by two of Sepulchure's minions, an En and a Tropy, he's turned into an EnTropy dragon, serving Sepulchure.


General Stats Defense Offense
HP: (see below) Strength: 0 Melee: 1 Damage: 1-10
MP: (see below) Intelligence: 0 Range: 0 Crit: 2
Exp: 500 Dexterity: 0 Magic: 0 Bonus: 0
Gold: 150 Endurance: 0 Parry: 0 Boost: 0%
Level: scaled Charisma: 0 Dodge: 0 Element: Stone
Race: Dragon Luck: 0 Block: 1
Dragon Coins: N/A
Slay Gorgok!, Primal Dragon Training, Gorgok Returns!, En Tropy
Gorgok the Earth Dragon

Special Ability

Regenerates 5 MP each turn so he can always use his breath attack.

In-Depth info on Gorgok's level & stats

First of all his level depends on the players level with 3 possible modifiers (+0, +1, +2), so if your character is level 1 Gorgok could be level 1, 2 or 3. His base HP is 1000 and his base MP is 50. Base HP and MP increase for 20 each level higher than 8.
Level 1-8 = 1000 HP and 50 MP
Level 10 = 1040 HP and 90 MP
Level 15 = 1140 HP and 190 MP
Level 20 = 1240 HP and 290 MP
Due to the maximum player level of 25 his maximum level would be level 27 with 1380 HP and 430 MP.

Gorgok's fiery area attack


Energy: -20%

Wind: -20%

Stone: 50%

Immobility: 50%

Important Dialogue

Gorgok: Nythos Drel Schalak'l D'bri Nothos Shye!

Your Dragon Amulet starts to glow

<Character>: What was that?
Gorgok: Ahhhh! A little Dragon Rider. A little DragonLord with his little dragon!
<Your Dragon>: I'm not that little right now, Gorgok!
<Character>: WHAT? <Your Dragon's Name>? You can speak?
<Your Dragon>: Of course I can, all dragons are born knowing how to speak Draconic.
<Character>: You never told me that.
<Your Dragon>: Well, you never asked.
<Character>: That's fair.
Gorgok: Should I come back later? You two seem busy.
<Character>: Oh, you're still here.
<Your Dragon>: We've come to put an end to you, Gorgok!
Gorgok: O rly?
<Your Dragon>: Ya rly!
<Character>: Why can't you just leave Willowshire alone, Gorgok?
Gorgok: Leave it alone! Dragons have been on this world for eons longer than you wretches!
Gorgok: You are lesser creatures and yet you still put up against a fight.
Gorgok: That little "resistance" needs to be taught a lesson and I will not leave until I crush every last human who stands up for that town!
Gorgok: You insects need to learn who your masters are!
<Your Dragon>: Not all dragons feel that way, Gorgok. You will NEVER destroy Willowshire as long as I'm here!
<Character>: <Your Dragon's Name>, that was my line!
<Your Dragon>: Sorry, go ahead.
<Character>: You will NEVER destroy Willows... nevermind, lets just fight!


  • Gorgok was DragonFable's first dragon.
  • Cysero and a small group of people were able to beat Gorgok with a level 1 warrior and the Longsword, prompting the staff to balance future monsters.
  • Gorgok is the 3rd Boss on Primal Dragon Training.