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Lorekeeper of the Tuskers

Important text

  • G'Joob: My name is G'Joob, I am the lorekeeper for my people...The Tusker.
  • G'Joob: And yes,m we speak telepathically. We can speak your language, but, due to our large tusks, people make fun of the way that we talk.
  • G'Joob: It was just easier for us to learn telepathy.
  • G'Joob: That is up to you. We are a peaceful race. We just want to be left alone.
  • G'Joob: We only learned to fight and wear armor to defend our privacy.
  • G'Joob: But as lorekeeper, I know my people's tales. We have had to jkoin with others to protect our way of life before. I think it is time again.
  • G'Joob: You might be able to convince our leader join with you in order to defend our privacy.
  • G'Joob: It's not quite that simple. We are nomads, roaming these frozen waters and making our secret homes in the hollow caves within the icebergs.
  • G'Joob: We change out location every day to help ensure our privacy and the entrances to the ice caves are all under water.
  • G'Joob: Once we abandon a cave, we let the entrance freeze over, so you will know the right one when you see it. It will be the only one you can enter.
  • G'Joob: But you might find one of abandoned camps first. Just keep looking.
  • G'Joob: A little while ago, someone dumped a bunch of Water Breathing Potions in the ocean, so you can breathe the sea water.
  • G'Joob: That was YOUR fault?
  • G'Joob: Sorry. It doesn't matter anyway. You can breathe the water, but it's very very cold.
  • G'Joob: You will begin freezing to death as soon as you enter the water... the cold will slowly drain all of your life, so move fast and find our camp!
  • G'Joob: My people are not expecting you and we do not like outsiders....they WILL attack you. Be ready.
  • G'Joob: I would wear something with ice resistance, if I were you. Good luck (name)!


Gives info on the quest, heal.


  • G,joob is a reference to the Beatles song "I am the Walrus".