Frozen Claymore (Level 35)

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The Icon representing Frozen Claymore (Level 35)
Frozen Claymore (Level 35)
This item requires a Dragon Amulet. The massive Claymore has had much of it's power drained by the battle with Akriloth. It's powerful special will still help bring down the foe.
Level Required: 35
Equipment Type: Scythe
Damage: 55 - 61
DPT: 58
Damage Type: Melee, Ice
Rarity: 6
Location: Battleon:Akriloth
Price: 0 gold
Sellback: 0 gold
Category: Weapon
Equip Spot: Weapon
Dragon Amulet Needed: Yes
Notes: The Frozen claymore is in fact a scythe(since it was made from remains of a scythe,but it was set to be a scythe so all players could use it effectively), but it matches its weapon form to the current class you are wearing. Also, the damage varies slightly when you use the temporary version ( a level 25 temporary might have 50-52 damage one time, 48-54 another time, and 49-53 a third)


STR: +3

END: +2

INT: +3

DEX: +1

Bonus: +2

Magic Def: +2