Frostval Top Hat

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This item is rarely available!

This item was introduced during a special event, and is only available in the game when the event/war occurs or repeats (i.e. Frostvale, Friday The 13th), or possibly never again.

Frostval Top Hat
Frostval Top Hat Activated
The icon representing Frostval Top Hat.
Frostval Top Hat
This item requires a Dragon Amulet. You got this hat from a gift box given to you by the moglins of Frostvale. Once equiped, click on the hat for a wintery surprise!
Level Required: 6
Equipment Type: Helmet
Location:Frostvale - Green Frost Moglin (Chapter 2, Act 4)
Price:1000 Gold
Sellback:100 Gold
Equip Spot:Head
Dragon Amulet Needed:Yes
Notes:Produces a song when you click on the hat


Bonus: +4

STR: +1

INT: +1

End: +3

Melee Def: +1

Range Def: +1

Magic Def: +1

Crit: +1

Block: +2

Resistance: Darkness: +3

Resistance: Ice: +3


  • Received from Green Present (2007).
  • Click on the hat while it is equipped, and a cloud will appear over your head, from which snow will drift. The Frostvale music will also play for a brief period. However, the cloud will stay until you click the hat again.
  • There is a spelling error in the description of the hat; Equipped has two P's.