Friday The 13th - Part II

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The War Notice
Friday The 13th - Part II
Before: It is Friday the 13th again and the Unlucky Undead have returned to town and they are wearing... uh... hockey masks?You must stand tall as the oddly dressed undead attack, and save town from this horror-movie-like threat.
After: Falconreach has been saved from the hockey mask wearing threat this time, but more and more darkness monsters are pouring into town from Doomwood!
Location Info
Level Required: 1
Location: Falconreach
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Random
Monster List: Skeletal Minion (Scaled Level), Slime (Scaled Level), Eyeball (Scaled Level), Eyeball (Level 6) Deadwood (Scaled Level)
NPCs: None
Total Experience: scaled
Total Gold: scaled
Equipment Won: Weapons


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