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Fishing is a new minigame entering Dragonfable. You can get there by clicking on the fishing button in Falconreach or going to the other entrance next to the entrance to Surewould Forest.

With the new Doomwood fishing dock, there's forty fish and thirty levels. The higher your level, the less chance you will lose your fish. You have to buy the angler armor to fish which cost 1000 gold. When you catch a new fish, it is added to your aquarium. You can see your aquarium, change the background, get instructions on fishing, and exit fishing by clicking the arrow in the bottom right hand corner that's pointing to the right.

If you put your fishing armor in the bank, then your level will be set back to level one with no experience. That will also happen if you sell then buy back your armor.

A Player's Aquarium with all twenty fishes caught in Falconreach
A Player's Aquarium with all forty fishes caught in Doomwood

List of Fishes caught in Falconreach

Catching all 20 fish in Falconreach unlocks the Fishing Mastery Badge.

List of Fishes Caught in Doomwood

Catching all 40 fishes in Doomwood unlocks the Doomwood Fishing Mastery Badge.

List of Ranks

(number of points need to move up a rank)

1. Amateur Angler (60 points)

2. Chum Bucket (144 points)

3. Worm Wrangler (283 points)

4. Gill Scraper (477 points)

5. Finface (726 points)

6. Bait Handler (1030 points)

7. Clam Digger (1389 points)

8. Apprentice Fisher (1803 points)

9. Net Caster (2272 points)

10. Trawler (2796 points)

11. Casting Pro (3375 points)

12. Shark Wrestler (4009 points)

13. Chief Neurosturgeon (4698 points)

14. Achilles Eel (5442 points)

15. Piscator (6241 points)

16. Tackle Chief (7095 points)

17. King Fisher (8004 points)

18. Cod Among Man (8968 points)

19. Troutmaster (9987 points)

20. Hook Lord (11061 points)

21. Micky 'two fins' (12190 points)

22. Flipper (13374 points)

23. Squid Kid (14613 points)

24. Whale farmer (15907 points)

25. Acute Angler (17256 points)

26. Duke of Fluke (18660 points)

27. Sir Fishalot (20119 points)

28. Bass Kicker (21633 points)

29. Eel of Fortune (23202 points)

30. Master of the Deep (24826 points) Last Level


Rarely You can catch Gold.