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Before:The aftermath of the Fire War.
After:Uh oh...
Location Info
Level Required: 1
Location: Battleon
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: (none)
Monster List: (none)
NPCs: Warlic, Cysero, Artix, Zorbak, Drakonnan, Nifaria, Xan, Sepulchure
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Gold: Scaled
Equipment Won: None


<In the lava pool>
Nifaria: Rest now, Konnan
Nifaria: There is much more to do…
<Nifara catches the Fire Orb>
Nifaria: You know what to do next
Nifaria: Make them bring out their dragons

<Outside the cavern>
Warlic: I do not sense the Fire Orb at all
Warlic: I believe it has been fully destroyed in the final struggle
<Character>: Are you sure, Warlic?
<Character>: I thought it was destroyed after Akriloth’s death…
Warlic: There is no hint of the orb in the mountain and it would take great magic to hide the amount of power that the orb possessed
Warlic: What was once fire, has returned to it. I will try to contact Fiamme, so that she can coalesce fire into a new orb
Warlic: Until then, I hope the realm of Fire on Lore is not too greatly weakened
<Character>: So, it’s time to pack up then… I can’t believe it’s all over. It will be nice to get back to Falconreach though
Yulgar: I wish you well on your trip
<Character>: You…you’re not going back, Yulgar?
Yulgar: I wish I could, [character], but there is still much work to be done here in the aftermath of all of Drakonnan’s destruction
Yulgar: A new inn is nearly built, so I’m going to set up shop there for now
Yulgar: Please, take Aria back to Falconreach though and make sure that she gets back to Grams safe and sound
<Character>: But…but…we need you in Falconreach!
Yulgar: I have the means to get back if needed, <character>. Cysero has seen to that
<Cysero gives thumbs up>
<Character>: I wish you luck then and I hope that we’ll see you soon
?: *grunt* *pant* *wheeeeeze*
<Character>: Zorbak…what are you still doing here?
Zorbak: Meh, trying to get my new throne back to Doomwood, no thanks to you all
<Character>: No thanks to us?! You nearly destroyed all of Lore trying to get a chair back!
Zorbak: Meh, and you lazy heros had just helped me move it, then I would have a chair AND an orb
Zorbak: As it is, every time I try to make a minion to help me move this thing your crazy Paladin destroys it!
Artix: Be happy I don’t destroy you, you evil…
Zorbak: Ebil
Artix: …moglin
Zorbak: Hey, I came here to do you guys a favor
Zorbak: You wouldn’t have even gotten into DrakelHead’s Lair if it wasn’t for me. Now help me move this thing
<Cysero picks up the mask>
Zorbak: Mehehehe, this will be perfect in my Lair!
Cysero: Yep!
Cysero: Glad I could repay the favor we owe you too!
Zorbak: !

<Konnan wakes up in an underground room, chained>
Nifaria: Wake up, Konnan. It’s time to get to work
Konnan: Muh…ugh, I…what…?
Konnan: Wh…where am I?
Konnan: No. NO!
Nifaria: Quiet!
Nifaria: I have to thank you, Konnan
Nifaria: Your thirst for revenge against the fire dragon led to his destruction and gave me the chance to deliver his son directly into the Priestess hands
Nifaria: Hahaha, my own little present to the Lady…
Nifaria: Not only did you manage to recover the Fire Orb from the dragon’s smoldering body…
Nifaria: But you sowed more destruction across the land than Xan could have ever dreamt of
Xan: HEY!
<Xan teleports into the room>
Xan: I taught this ungrateful boy everything he knows! If he had listened to me, I could have taken all those “heros” on
Nifaria: Hahahaha, if you wish to prove yourself, Xan, Konnan has provided you with the chance
Nifaria: He dropped the Fire Orb directly into my hands
Nifaria: Show me what you can do
<Xan disapeers with the orb>
Konnan: No! The orb is mine!
Nifaria: No, Konnan…
<Nifaria changes into Sepulchure>
Sepulchure: …the Fire Orb is MINE
Sepulchure: You, Konnan, were able to draw more power from the Orb than anyone…
Sepulchure: …and I’m going to take you apart piece by piece to find out how

<Xan starts resurrecting Akriloth with the orb>
<Xan leaves riding Akriloth>