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En in the EnTropy quest.

En, along with Tropy, is a minion of Sepulchure who appears in the Earth Orb Saga.


Class statistics

The class is temporarily given in the EnTropy quest along with the Tropy guest. As En and Tropy, the player must defeat Gorgok. Afterwards, the Tropy guest is taken away, though possibly due to a bug the En class remains.


En skillbar.png

  • Attack! - Summons darkness around the monster after running up to it, doing 2 hits of melee damage.
  • End – Does all attacks.
  • Rot - Throws fists at the ground causing waves of darkness to rise. Does 2 hits, and lowers enemies powerboost by 50.
  • Decay Strike (Decay) – Runs up to the enemy and summons a grey aura, doing one attack. May cause DoT.


  • You cannot equip any items or any other weapons than En's default ones.
  • If you are still En after the quest you can turn yourself into human by use any Advanced class. However the name will still tell you that you are En.
  • You can also stay as En and do the Akriloth quest at Battleon. You will get the Frozen Claymore and will dish out great amounts of damage.
  • You are in the En class instead of the Golem class.