Elemental orbs

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There are many elemental orbs on lore, here are the ones that Sepulchureis going for or has.

_____Orb - Where you can start the quest chain - Who has it

Fire Orb - Battleon - Sepulchure

Water Orb - The Locker - Sepulchure

Ice Orb - Dragesvard - Galanoth (with Sepulchure after the quest The Orb of Ice!)

Earth Orb - Willowshire - Sepulchure

Nature Orb - Willowshire - Merged into Earth orb

Stone Orb - Willowshire - Merged into Earth orb

Darkness Orb - Artix at The Necropolis - Guardian Tower (with Sepulchure after Friday The 13th - Final)

Energy Orb - Popsprocket - Yix (with Sepuchure after the quest Bombs Away!)

Light Orb - The Sandsea - Zhoom (with Sepulchure after the quest Dying Light)

Wind Orb - Shadow of the Wind Village/Ospey Cove - Kordana (With Sepulchure after the quest Kordana Rises)

Ultimate Orb - Friday The 13th - Final, The Ultimate Orb - With Drakath After Betraying Sepulchure in the tower

Bacon Orb - Valencia's Zone/Friday The 13th, Final - With Doctor When (With Cycero after quest When)

Note: The ultimate orb are the elemental orbs combined, except Bacon

These are the known orbs in dragon fable.