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The Purchasable Doom Weapons


The Doom Weapons are, in theory, the strongest weapons in Dragonfable, and are also the most expensive. They have a major part in the current storyline.

Doom Weapons

There are five Doom Weapons:

The first 3 are weapons in DragonFable, sold by the Mysterious Stranger. They can be upgraded by Chaney in the Crystal Clear Lake quest. Then by the Mysterious Stranger by bring 5 Unlucky Doom Essence. Then twice more at Yulgar's Forge also with Unlucky Doom Essence making them the highest hitting weapons in the game.
Surprisingly, they are non-DA, though only DA-holders can upgrade them. The fourth is currently wielded by Sepulchure while the fifth can be obtained by Dragon Amulet users who had Dragon Amulets for 6 or more months.

The Necrotic Blade of Doom

The Necrotic Blade of Doom is a doom weapon. Sepulchure wields the Necrotic Blade of Doom, but it seems that the Sword controls him. It is able to talk and seems to have a master plan (which is unknown for now). It was rumored that the Necrotic Blade of Doom would be the strongest of all Doom Weapons.

The Necrotic Sword of Doom

Recently confirmed as the fourth Doom Weapon. People who had the Dragon Amulet for more than 6 months can obtain this. It goes with the DoomKnight Armor. It looks similar to the Necrotic Blade of Doom.


The Doom Weapons first appeared during the Guardian Beta Testing, and were (as they are now) level 8 weapons (Level 8 was the cap at that time). They were sold by Sabrina (who is stated by the staff to be Vayle the Necromantress in disguise) Until she mysteriously disappeared and was replaced by Maryanne who claimed she had closed down the Inn and went to visit a sick relative, and knew nothing about Sabrina. Maryanne decided to still sell the weapons for a while, As they had been left behind when Sabrina left Testopia (now named Falconreach).

Undead Invasion

During the Undead Invasion (which was also the first war in Dragonfable), the weapons grew in power.

Crystal Clear Lake

A Quest in Amityvale, called Crystal Clear Lake, gives you the option to upgrade your doom weapon for 5,000 gold. The upgrade gives the weapon more damage, and gives it stat bonuses.

Friday the 13th Part II

During Friday The 13th - Part II the Doom Weapons rose in power again because of the dark energy that was generated from the undead army. The Doom Weapons also rose in cost, and are now buyable for 28,000 gold.

Friday The 13th - Part III

In the most recent battle, Friday The 13th - Part III, a new item started to drop that could be used to further increase the power of the Doom Weapons. When brought to the Mysterious Stranger, the Unlucky Doom Essence can change your Doom Weapon to an Unlucky Doom Weapon, the most powerful weapons in the game ... but with a curse of bad luck (Adds Stat: LUK -3).

Now that the war is over, you need to collect five Unlucky Doom Essence in order to gain this upgrade.

The current location of the Doom Weapons

When Maryanne was replaced by Serenity (The current Inn keeper), the weapons were about to be thrown out, but mysteriously disappeared before she had the chance. This happened at the same time that the Mysterious Stranger appeared outside the town. He started selling the doom weapons, and is still there today.

The Future of the Doom weapons

The Doom Weapons have not made an appearance in AdventureQuest (5 years after Dragonfable), but have been mentioned numerous times by certain NPC's, such as the mysterious necromancer (who states that he misses them). It is rumored that the Necrotic Blade of Doom is what turns the rogue prince Drakath into the Dragon of darkness in AdventureQuest.


All Doom Weapons