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Became Galanoth's bloodbrother after Galanoth saved his life, his family took care of Galanoth after his parents died.

Important text

In A Letter From Home:

  • Demento: Akriloth has always been one of the most powerful fire dragons on Lore.
  • Demento: She's been rampaging over the entire continent for years, with many casualties left in her wake.
  • Demento: Do not underestimate her, <<You>>.
  • Demento: Akriloth is now in the possession of the fire orb because of her deception of another adventurer, much like you.
  • Demento: I don't know, we have to try though...
  • Demento: We're going to have to get close to Akriloth first, which means fight our way through her fiery minions.
  • Demento: Good luck, <<You>>... you're going to need it.
  • In Aftermath:
  • Demento: We'll regroup.
  • Demento: Akriloth's pride will be her downfall.
  • Demento: Fire has a counter...
  • Demento: I'll head north, brother, and search for an ice weapon that can take that fiery menace down, once and for all!
  • In The Search:
  • Demento: <<You>>, Akriloth must be stopped.
  • Demento: We'll go north and search the frozen wastes there.
  • Demento: There is a clan of ice dragons, as well as a rumor of something more ancient...
  • Demento: ...Something that dwells in the glacial caves and collects the frozen remnants of battles long past.
  • Demento: Will you go with me?
  • <<You>>: Of course, Demento. I... whatever I can do t o help bring down that fire dragon.
  • <<You>>: What, or who, are we searching for?
  • Demento: Long ago, the Elemental Lords placed guardians on Lore to protect their realms.
  • Demento: It is said one of the ice guardians became corrupted, greedy.
  • Demento: Instead of protecting the area left to it, it incited battles, it stole treasures... and weapons, including the Ice Scythe.
  • <<You>>: Ice Scythe?
  • Demento: The Ice Scythe was crafted from the coldest glacial ice, cut from the depths of a lost cavern and enchanted with a powerful special effect.
  • Demento: I believe that if you hit Akriloth with the Ice Scythe just once, it will drain his power and transfer some of its strength to you.
  • Demento: It should make the fight fair... but first, we need to find the corrupted guardian's lair.
  • Demento: Here, look <<You>>.
  • Demento: Do you see them?
  • <<You>>: See what?
  • Demento: The caves. There in the mountain side.
  • Demento: We'll camp tonight and explore the mountain side when we're rested.
  • <<You>>: Demento...
  • <<You>>: I thought all of Galanoth's family had been killed by Akriloth.
  • Demento: I am not Galanoth's brother by birth, <<You>>.
  • Demento: After Akriloth burned his family's farm to the ground, my family took him in.
  • Demento: We became blood brothers shortly after that.
  • <<You>>: I see... what happened to make you become blood brothers?
  • Demento: *laughs*
  • Demento: Gal was just five years old, but he was already fearless...
  • Demento: I was ten, and apparently looked like good prey.
  • Demento: I was out, gathering wood for camp and a wyvern swooped down and grasped me in its claws.
  • Demento: Wyverns would occasionally take smaller farm animals to feed their brood, but with Akriloth rampaging... I was much easier prey.
  • Demento: The wyvern swooped down to carry me off and Galanoth ran...
  • Demento: Heh, it seemed like he jumped 10 feet in the air... and he grabbed hold of my legs and wouldn't let go.
  • Demento: Our weight together was too much for the wyvern and she dropped us back down.
  • Demento: Gal saved me from becoming dragon food and I owe him my life.
  • Demento: Anyways... it's time to gather our energy, <<You>>.
  • Demento: We have an ancient and corrupt guardian to face tomorrow...
  • Demento: And we have to convince him to give us the only weapon strong enough to defeat Akriloth!