Defender's Dragon Necklace I

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The icon representing Defender's Dragon Necklace I.
Defender's Dragon Necklace I
This necklace can only be worn by a DragonAmulet holder. It was awarded to you by the town of Falconreach for your help defending it against an invading force.
Level Required: 1
Equipment Type: Necklace
Location:Defender's Shop
Price:10 Defender's Medals
Equip Spot:Neck
Dragon Amulet Needed:Yes

This necklace can be upgraded to Defender's Dragon Necklace II by presenting 50 Defender's Medals at the Falconreach Town Hall.


Crit: +1

Resistance: Darkness: +3

Defender's Medals Needed

Necklace Number Necklace Name Defender's Medals Required Defender's Medals Spent Altogether LUK Bonus Crit Bonus STR Bonus CHA Bonus Level
1 Defender's Dragon Necklace I 10 10 None +1 None None 1