Cysero's Hamsterclysm (level 45)

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Cysero's Hamsterclysm
The Icon representing Cysero's Hamsterclysm (level 45)
Cysero's Hamsterclysm (level 45)
If one of the most powerful sources of magic on Lore is hugs, then it only makes sense that hamsters are powered by hamtons and trace elements like "cute".
Level Required: 45
Equipment Type: Wand
Damage: 60 - 76
DPT: 68
Damage Type: Magic, ???
Rarity: 10
Location: Cysero's Clashening DC Shop
Price: 425 DCs
Sellback: Within 24 hours - Need Information, after 24 hours - 107 DCs
Category: Weapon
Equip Spot: Weapon
Dragon Amulet Needed: No


Melee Def.: +3

Magic Def.: +3

END.: +5

Crit: +3

Dodge: +1

Bonus: +1