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Chilly crying at Act 5 Prologue




A moglin. The son of Blizzy.

Important text

Frostval 2006

Act 2 A. The enterance, after Icemaster Yeti was defeated

Maya: You have saved Frostvale! All of the moglins are back in town.
Blizzy: Thanks <Character>.
Chilly: Yeah, Than you! I'm so happy to be back with my Papa again.
Maya: King Alteon is waiting for you over by the moglin fire pit. He came to thank you personally for a job well done.
Blizzy: Frostvale wants to thank you too <Character>. We've decided to have a celebration today.
Blizzy: We're calling the celebration FROSTVAL after our town that would be empty if not for you and your friends.
Blizzy: Talk to some of the moglins. They might have some special presents for you! ALL of them want to thank you.
Maya: Wow! A whole holiday in honor of your great deed! I've never met anyone with their own holiday before.
Maya: Happy Frostval!
Blizzy: Happy Frostval, <Character>
Chilly: Happy Frostval!

Frostval 2007

Act 3: Ice Monster Invasion!

Maya: It's very good to see you again <Character> ... especially with everything that is going on!

Blizzy: Chilly, the other moglins and I were decorating town for Frostval where all of the sudden ...
Chilly: ... Ice monsters began attacking the town! It was scary. Just like last year but this time we were able to fight them!
Chilly: But we didn't even get to finish decorating for Frostval.
Maya: King Alteon had sent me here to record the celebration, and I was able to call some of the heroes for help.
Blizzy: It's probably Icemaster Yeti again, trying to eat us or ruin our fun, but he doesn't stand a chance now that you're here, <Character>!
Maya: I'm not so sure, Blizzy. Icemaster Yeti hasn't been seen for more than a year... he might want revenge, but this feels different somehow.
Chilly: There's no way that it was Icemaster Yeti. No way!
Blizzy: That may be true son, but the ice monsters are all coming from the direction of the yeti's cave.
Maya: Then that is the only lead that we have. We have to find out why the monsters are attacking Frostvale, and stop them!
Maya: <Character>, it's up to you and the other adventurers to protect Frostvale.
Maya: You must push the monsters back to the yeti's cave and find out what is going on there otherwise Frostval will be ruined.

Chilly: Yeah, Thank you! I'm so happy to be back with my Papa again! You are both my heroes!
Chilly: Happy Frostvale.

We Three Spirits

Artix runs off

<Character>: ...
Chilly: ...
Chilly: ... Did...did Artix just exorcise the ghosts of Frostval Past, Present, and Future?
<Character>: Not in that order, but yes.
Chilly: ... I can't believe that just happened.
<Character>: Well, I guess that means that it's up to me to stop Xanta Claus.
<Character>: These new ice powers of his might be something to worry about after all.

Frostval 2008


  • Chilly: Hi (character name)! It's great to see you again!
  • Icemaster Yeti: Welcome back to Frostvale. It's been kinda quiet without you around.
  • (Character): Hi guys! How have you all been?
  • (Character): I got your letter, Blizzy...But you were so secretive that I have no clue what is going on.
  • Blizzy: We have been working on something VERY specifal for Frostval this year.
  • Chilly: We wanted you to be the first to see it! Come on!
  • (Character): Wow. What are those...things?
  • Chilly: Aren't they GREAT!?
  • Chilly: This is the prototype for a new armor called the Holiday Warrior Frost Moglin Armor Suit.
  • (Character): It's very...festive.
  • Chilly: You BET it is! It was designed to help spread holiday cheer.
  • Chilly: There are still a few...wrinkles to iron out and I have a few ideas in mind that will really make this baby complete.
  • Chilly: Considering that the last 2 Frostvals have been nearly ruined by monster attacks...I want to add some firepower to the suit.
  • Chilly: By the time I'm done with it, a hero like you will be able to spread Frostval cheer 1000% more efficiently.
  • Chilly: and if something gets in your way...POW!
  • (Character): I feel safer already, Chilly. This is really great. Thanks for showing it to me.
  • Chilly: SHOWING it to you? (character name) , we want you to be the first to WEAR IT...test out the skills!
  • (Character): (sigh) Yeah, I was afrai...I mean, I was hoping that you'd say that.
  • Chilly: GREAT! I just need to power it up before you try it on.
  • (Character): Power it up?
  • Chilly: Oh yeah, the suit not only SPREADS holiday runs on it!
  • Chilly: I just need to go get everyone together. This isn't a well known fact, but the best source of power on Lore is...
  • Chilly:...HUGS!
  • (Character): What? Really?
  • Chilly: It won't need too much power for the first trial run, let me go get Papa and some of the other frost moglins.
  • Chilly: You try it on. I'll be right back.
  • (Character): Oh man. I hope that thing is as warm as it looks.
  • Chilly: AHHHHHHH! (character name)! Help!
  • (Character): Chilly? CHILLY! I'M COMING!
  • (Character): What...what happened to them?
  • Chilly: I...I don't know. They've been turned to statues.
  • (Character): Coal. They've been changed into coal. Is everyone else alright
  • Chilly: N...No. (sniff) Everyone in towwn is the same. We're the only ones left.
  • Maya: (character name)and Chilly checked every nook and cranny of Forstvale, but it was the same everywhere...
  • Maya: ...Every single living person in the town had been transofrmed into coalk.
  • Maya: Chilly explained that there was an anti-magic barrier around the workshop for protection.
  • Maya: (Character name) guessed that the barrier had protected them from whatever wicked spell had changed the rest of the town.
  • Maya: But with no clues as to what or who had cast the spell, Chilly began to despair...
  • Chilly: I can't believe it. They're all gone.
  • Chilly: Everyone. All of them...
  • Chilly: Everyone...
  • Chilly: Papa and the rest of the moglins..
  • Chilly: Icemaster Yeti...
  • Chilly: Even Loremaster Maya...
  • Chilly: Everyone...(sniff)...All my family and friends. Everyone that I've ever known. They're all gone.
  • Chilly: I'm alone.
  • (Character): No. You're not alone, Chilly. You've got me.
  • (Character): Whatever happened here, it happened to my friends too.
  • (Character): We'll find a way to change everyone back, and we'll do it together.
  • Chilly: Together? Really?
  • (Character): Absolutely. I'm (character name). Nobody changes my friends into coal and gets away with it.
  • (Character): I just wish we knew what we were up against, so we would be better prepared to face it.
  • Chilly: Prepared? Hmmmmm.
  • Chilly: The suit! If you can help me get it running, then you can wear it!
  • (Character): No offense, Chilly, but I don't think we need to spread holiday cheer right now.
  • Chilly: I know it looks a little strange, but don't let that fool you! I just need to make some modifications to it, and power it up.
  • (Character): Ok, I'll give it a shot. How can I help?
  • Chilly: The suit needs a power source. Hugs won't be enough with just you and me left. We'll have to use Slay Bells!
  • (Character): Slay Bells? Don't you mean sleigh bells?
  • Chilly: Slay Bells are another good source of holiday cheer...although, not as good as hugs...
  • (Character): You're really serious about this hugs thing?
  • Chilly: One of the holiday games we play is called Snow Blind.
  • Chilly: We cover our eyes, and the Hider hides a Slay Bell in a snow drift and we have to guess where it's hidden based on what we heard.
  • Chilly: I be that the Slay Bell is still buried out there in the snow. Bring me that bell and I'll use it to power up the armor!
  • Chilly: After that, you'll be prepared for ANYTHING!
  • Chilly: I'll go start making the changes to the suit! You go find me that Slay Bell!
  • (Character): You got it...and Chilly? Don't worry. We'll find out how this happened and change your dad and our friends back to normal. I promise.