Cheshire Twilly (NPC)

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Cheshire Twilly


Aria in Wanderland, A Strange Feeling, Questions, Mad Haberdasher, Queen of Tarts,


Cheshire Twilly is a purple Moglin with dark purple stripes and a big grin. He is very similar to Twilly.

Important text

Aria in Wanderland

Cheshire Twilly: Meta-Essence is the life-force of Wanderland. Chesire Twilly uses it to heal heroes.

A Strange Feeling

You: Cheshire Twilly! I.... I need some help.
Cheshire Twilly: *looks up* *nods*
You: Well... can you help me?
Cheshire Twilly: If I were you, I might drink that potion over by those flowers.
You: Ok. Got it.
Cheshire Twilly: But I'm NOT you.
You: So... wait. I shouldn't drink the potion? Or... I should?
Cheshire Twilly: You need to do SOMEthing or you'll never fit through the door to the outside.

sip sip GULP!

You: Oh no... not again!


You: Cheshire Twilly! This is NOT what I expected when I asked you for help last time.
Cheshire Twilly: I didn't say it would return you to normal... and you DID eat and drink in Bubble Dee and Bubble Doom's house.
Cheshire Twilly: That's never a very good idea.
You: Drat, you're right. Well, can you fix me back to normal NOW?
You: I didn't find help for Aria, so I can't go home just yet. But I DO need to get back to my normal size.
Cheshire Twilly: Be careful what you ask for, I always say. But since you were specific just now...
Cheshire Twilly: I can help you get back to what you want to be.
Cheshire Twilly: I just click me heels three ti- wait, no. Wrong magical notion.

Cheshire Twilly wiggles his nose and waves his staff
You feel a streeeeeetching and hear a POP!


You: I STILL need to find someone to help me get Aria free from the Queen of Tarts!
Cheshire Twilly: You could certainly try- hmmm, no. No, better to try the Kittypillar for help rescuing Aria!
Cheshire Twilly: He's quite knowledgeable, if a bit... introspective.
You: That sounds like a plan. How do I get there?
Cheshire Twilly: Wander! You'll come across him if your lucky.

You: Hello? Excuse me?
Kittypillar: ......
You: Sir? Could I trouble you for a moment?
Kittypillar: ......
Cheshire Twilly: Oh, he won't answer you.
You: That's just rude. I'm being perfectly polite.
Cheshire Twilly: Kittypillar is quite capricious. He won't answer you when he's pondering his philosophies.
Cheshire Twilly: You'll need to be MUCH more forceful if you want his attention!
You: But he knows something that will help me?
Cheshire Twilly: Oh, yes!


Cheshire Twilly: You won't get any more answers out of him. It's best if you just make your way to the Mad Haberdasher. He'll know how to help you.
You: Did you know about him this whole time?
Cheshire Twilly: Of course!
You: Why didn't you tell me before?! I wouldn't have had to go through all this!
Cheshire Twilly: You never asked.

Mad Haberdasher

You: Just who IS this Mad Haberdasher?
You: You said he could help, but after everything else I've seen here in Wanderland, I'm a bit wary.
Cheshire Twilly: One doesn't try to EXPLAIN the Mad Haberdasher.
Cheshire Twilly: That would be like asking why the sound of one hand clapping is annoying
You: But... one hand can't-
Cheshire Twilly: Exactly.
Cheshire Twilly: So. You'll want to be off. If you're late, you won't get any teacake!
You: Teacake?
Cheshire Twilly: It's cake. You serve at tea. He bakes them himself. You're in for a treat!

Queen of Tarts

You: What are YOU doing here? You seem to be everywhere you shouldn’t be
Cheshire Twilly: Just waiting for an audience to make my pithy and philosophical comments to
Cheshire Twilly: If you need healing, you’ll need to look elsewhere. I’m considering charging a fee from now on

You: Kittypillar! Why would the queen imprison YOU?!
Kittypillar: …….
You: Well, this brings back memories
Cheshire Twilly: The Queen-
You: Stop DOING that! It’s so creepy when you just APPEAR like that!
Cheshire Twilly: Ahem. As I was SAYING…the Queen asked him his opinions about her tarts
Cheshire Twilly: He was so busy contemplating the hypothetical interaction of a Tusker and a carpenter that he failed to respond
You: You mean he ignored her like he ignores me
Cheshire Twilly: Exactly. Her being a Queen, she took exception to that and ordered her guards to take his head
Cheshire Twilly: They were so captivated by the bubble he blew, though, that they protested until she commuted his sentence to imprisonment
Cheshire Twilly: The guards come here on their off hours to sit and watch the bubbles float


Cheshire Twilly is based off the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland