Captain Davey

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Captain Davey (undead)
Captain Davey

The Main Person in The Water Orb saga, he gets in your way all the time. He wants his locker, which contains the water orb. The locker is guarded by his boss, Kathool 'Achoo.

Important Text

(Pirate Attack) (Davey) It's a sad day when an undead such as meself can't even rest his eyes without his ship being borded by thieves! I've come for me locker and me key. There will be no rest until both are in me boney grasp again! (You) I have your key you pile of bones. The locker is no longer yours now though. These people have made it into thier town. (Davey) What kind of fool, do ye think me to be, eh? I care naught for this pile o' broken ships. I want me locker back fool. Or this tiny, blue girl be facin' the consequences o'yer actions. (You) Aquella?! Leave her alone! (Davey) Give me the key and me locker, or she'll go away like the rest of the elves did. (Aquella) You know what happened to the elves? (Davey) Back when me skin was me own and not food for fishes, water elves filled these 'ere waters. 'Til they were cursed by The Great One... (Aquella) Great one...? (Davey) No more questions out of you, blue ears. Me key and Me locker, bring 'em to me. (You) I don't have your locker... (Davey) Then ye better find it, fool, if ye want to be seein' Ms. Blue Ears again. (You) He wants me to find a locker... in the middle of the ocean... I don't even know where to start looking.


Just a bunch of bones who's service is getting in your way.