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Best of the Best

Best by Category

Best Weapons Overall

(For DA accounts with access to DragonCoins)

Best Available Axes

Best Available Daggers

Best Available Maces

Best Available Staffs

Best Available Swords

Best Available Wands

Best Available Weapons - Warrior

Best Available Weapons - Mage

Best Available Weapons - Rogue


† Items marked by this are only acquired by purchasing them with DragonCoins, regardless of whether they are DA-only or not. + Items marked by this represent rare items.

Plus two things to take note: One, some of the best of the best weapons are rare so it means that you cannot get them anymore. Secondly, for warriors' the best of the best weapons are all included but not for mages or rogues. We will try to replace some of the weapons for mages and rogues as fast as possible. Thank You for your understanding.