Beacon of Hope

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The icon representing Beacon of Hope.

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Beacon of Hope
Yix gave this to you in recognition of your valiant efforts to save Popsprocket and the Energy Orb. Each of the four colored orbs represents one of the fours pillars of hope: Light, Water, Mastery, and Balance. This item requires a Dragon Amulet!
Level Required: 10
Equipment Type: Trinket
Location:Popsprocket at War
Price:0 Gold
Sellback:0 Gold
Equip Spot:Trinket
Dragon Amulet Needed:Yes

Beacon of Hope

Level: 10

Description: 2-turn shield

Effect: Causes "Morale Boosted" effect; +80 to Block for 2 turns.

Element: Light

MP Cost: 10

Prerequisites: None

Recharge time: 29

Skills in Use