Attack on Drakonnan

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Attack on Drakonnan
Before: It's time to go on the offensive!
After: Drakonnan has been taking prisoners and converting them into minions! You managed to save Artix and your friends, but who else does he have trapped in his dungeons?
Location Info
Level Required: None
Location: Fire War
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Fixed
Monster List: Fire Mantix (Scaled Level), Other players, Shadowfire Knight (Scaled Level) (Boss)
NPCs: Yulgar, Warlic, Artix
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Gold: Scaled
Equipment Won: Axe






  • The Shadowfire Knight is Artix!
  • You can bring along Artix as a guest and fight against The Shadowfire Knight... that is Artix?!
  • All the red monsters are actually PvP battles, because Drakonnan took some players hostage.
  • Elgert, if you battle him, removes the DragonLord armor.
  • There is a chance you will get nothing from this quest.