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Aspar, while retelling how he met Tomix.



Aspar is who Tomix considers is his very best friend as well as SoulAlly. He is said to be the Elemental Spirit of Kindness. However, several incidents thus far (such as at the end of the Sewers and At The Gate quests) have raised the hero's suspicions as to who Aspar really is and what he wants.

In the end of the Ravenloss War, Aspar appears to have possessed Riadne.

Important Text

Quests: Market District

Aspar: It is good to see you, my friend. Very good indeed. I have been worried. And I found this… key. I thought you might want it

Aspar: I am sure we will grow to be close friends, as well

Aspar: That’s a, well, I wouldn’t call it a FUNNY story, exactly

Aspar: From a boy who wanted only to harm you
Aspar: But he is buried in obscurity now, and no one will remember his name. He is dead to history, while you…
Aspar: You will be remembered. He may have issued the challenge which cost you so much, but ultimately, you won. And I am with you

Aspar: I heard rumors of the fight, and was drawn to them. I had been watching you grow for a long time

Aspar: You were- ARE- destined to be great. I am attracted to greatness, drawn to it

Aspar: He used a forbidden incantation, and it consumed him
Aspar: His face turned pale, and his hair changed from a deep crimson to the silver you see now. And his eyes…they WERE blue. Now, they are not

Aspar: I will always try to be there to save you, Tomix. I will be around here, nearby if you need me

Quests: Sewers

Aspar: Well, well, well. If it isn't <Character Class>, Tomix's newest boon companion.
Aspar: Did you NEED something? Find something you couldn't HANDLE down there?

Aspar: Sometimes, <Character Name>, to be Kind you must cause pain. Watch.

Quests: At The Gate

Aspar: Hello, my friend.

Aspar: Yes, about the Arachnomancer...

Aspar: Has she told you yet where the last Key is? We- YOU must have the Bolt Key!
Aspar: You must question her!
Aspar: Look at me, little Arachnomancer! If you want to help your friend, you must speak!

Aspar: Tomix, my friend. Are you forgetting I am here?
Aspar: Leave the girl with me. No harm will come to her.

Quests: Making Plans

Aspar: Yes. she will do... nicely... in the future. The best laid plans are long-laid plans.
Aspar: Should anything go wrong... she will suffice.

Quests: Meeting Vaal

Aspar: I think... I will pay a visit to that SoulWeaver. The one who runs the School. There is... much... I should "discuss" with him.
Aspar: My prize possession will be kept busy with his hunt. Yes... very busy. So hard to find things when they are not where they should be. *grin*


  • Many on the Battleon Forums have theories concerning Aspar's true identity due to his questionable behavior. For example, one idea is that Aspar is actually Envy, a Corrupted Elemental Spirit.
  • It is revealed in Book 3 by Tomix that Aspar is in fact Envy.
  • At the end of the Ravenloss War, Lust, another Corrupted Elemental Spirit, mentions "there is one in [Tomix's] life who is not what he claims to be". Aspar is suspected to be that "one".