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Artix von Krieger.


Amityvale Graveyard, Well, Well, Well, Battle of Moonridge!, Titans of BattleOn!, and The Necropolis


Artix Krieger, leader of the paladins, creator of DragonFable very smart and handsome. He's known for his dedication to fighting the undead, and his habit of constantly slinging puns. (Artix's PvP ID number is 22)

Important Text


Outside the graveyard
Artix Krieger: Hail and well met my friend. It is a great day to battle the evil forces of the undead (*According to Artix, every day is is a great day to battle undead!)
Artix Krieger:Reports of undead activity have been increasing across the land. I have come to Amityvale seeking your help to defeat them!

Who are you?

Artix Krieger: Please accept my apology. I was so excited to actually meet you in person that I forgot to introduce myself.*smile*
Artix Krieger: My name is Artix von Krieger and I am a Paladin who has decicated his entire life to battling the undead.
Artix Krieger: You can usually find me battling the supernatural creatures in Doomwood. The highest concentration of undead can be found here!


Artix Kreiger: Lady Celestia believes you are the one to become a DragonLord! You should talk to Twilly to continue your quest. Twilly: Hiyas! Are you guys talking about me? If you need me I will be over there on the stump!

If you have a Dragon:

Artix Kreiger: Lady Celestia says that you hatched your Dragon! Amazing. Have you been feeding and training it?

Doom Weapon?

Artix Krieger: Doom Weapons? They are evil weapons that promise great power but carry a terrible curse for those foolish enough to wield them.
Artix Krieger: Worse yet, I fear that I am responsible for the creation of one of them. It is a long tale that ended in a battle against a Master Necromancer.
Artix Krieger: He had just summoned a creature from the Plane of Eternal Darkness. The creature could not be slain so I trapped its soul in my Battleaxe...
Artix Krieger: As a result of the battle I was severely injured (-30 levels) and my Battleaxe was lost. I wonder if there could be a way to purify it.


Artix Krieger: Necromancers use their dark magic to create undead minions. There is a new Master Necromancer in the land named Noxus.

The Graveyard?

Artix Krieger: I was just about to inside. Want to join me? Just follow me through the archway.

Inside the graveyard

Artix Krieger: Wow, <Character>, I am so glad you are in Doomwood. It is an honor to fight beside you.
<Character>: Thanks. So what exactly are you up to here?

Used to be:
Artix Krieger: Greetings and salutations friend! Wow, are you <character name> I am so glad you are in DoomWood. It is an honor to finally meet you.
<Character>: Thanks, its nice to meet you too. What are you up to here? )

Artix Krieger: Exorcising the undead to free their souls. It is also a great excercise.
Undead: *Groan*
<Character>: Need a hand?

A Zombie hand come flying into the ground

Undead: *Snicker*
<Character> & Artix Krieger: Heh...


<Character>: So... do you always hang out in creepy Graveyards battling the Undead?
Artix Krieger: No, not all the time.
Artix Krieger: Sometimes I go to Underground Crypts, Lich Lairs, Mummy Tombs and the occasional Shopping Mall.
<Character>: *He really likes fighting the undead.*
<Character>: Wait... the mall?
Artix Krieger: Indeed! The undead LOVE malls. Someone puts up a sale and they swarm like bees! *coughs* Zom-bees!
Zombie: *Was about to groan...* shawwwwwping? Arewwww...
Zombie: Arrrewwww... bruuu wright saaaale!?
Zombie: Arghhhh... disssssscount barrrgaaaargins!?
Artix Krieger: Say, if you are battling against the creatures of Darkness it would be an honor to fight beside you.
<Character>: Sure, as long as you keep up!
Artix Krieger: !
Artix Krieger: I like the way you think, this is going to be fun. Lead the way friend!
<Character>: *Wow, and not a single typo in that entire dialog.*

The Well

(Outside Well)

<Character>: Hello down there! Are you alright?
???: NOOOOoooooooooooo!
<Character>: What's wrong!?
???: There is some Paladin down here and he is wiping us all out!
Artix: - Be still fiend! Prepare thyself for the divine, holy, retribution exorcism aura of justice!
<Character>: This isn't going how I imagined. HANG ON ARTIX, I'M COMING!

(Inside Well, Before Boss)

Artix: - Well met friend! Your timing is amazing... this next fiend looks like the BOSS!
<Character>: You know Artix, normally in a rescue quest the hostage is not fighting his way to the boss with monsters fleeing in terror...
<Character>: I mean, seriously... what are you doing in here?
Artix: - Well, this spooky little girl told me to jump down here to get her ring. She said I only had 7 days, so it must be important!
<Character>: *sigh* Now we are going to have to make a list of people (and things) not to take quests from... alright, let's battle!

Titans of Battleon

<Character>: Well, here I am. Celestia said "Just go to the Circle Kave and wait outside", but she didn't say how long.
<Character>: ...
<Character>: ... Maybe I should have packed a snack.

Telephone booth falls from the sky

<Character>: THAT'S new.

Zhoom, Artix and Cysero fall out

Artix: Greetings!
<Character>: Artix??
Cysero: Hiya!
<Character>: Cysero??
Zhoom: Hey.
<Character>:: ... Who are you?
Zhoom: You don't remember me?
Cysero: This must be a point in time before you two met. <Character>, this is Zhoom. We really need your help.
Artix: We have come back to your present, our past, to take you back to your future, our present and help save town.
<Character>: I'm confused.
Artix: Me too, actually.
<Character>: Falconreach is in danger? Explain again... slowly.
Cysero: OK. First thing; we're talking about the town of BattleOn, not Falconreach. We've come here from the future.
Cysero: BattleOn is in great danger from being called Exodus.
Zhoom: We all agreed that we needed the power of a DragonLord to confront this beast, and in our time, you are the greatest DragonLord.
<Character>: OK, following you so far...
Artix: In our time, you were knocked out just before the fight with Exodus and your dragon won't listen to anyone except you!
Artix: So Cysero made this time traveling phone booth to go back and get an earlier, younger version of you to ride your dragon.
Cysero: You are gonna have a most excellent adventure through Time!
<Character>: No way. NO WAY!
Cysero: Yes way, Ted!
Zhoom: Stop it.
Cysero: Sorry. I had to.
<Character>: I have questions.
Artix: Ask. We will answer what we can.
<Character>: What's a "phone booth"?
Cysero: Never mind that.
<Character>: OK, how did you have time to build a machine that travels through time after I was knocked out?
Cysero: Easy. I came up with an idea for it when Artix said that we needed another version of you. Right then the phone booth appeared next to us.
Cysero: I guess after we go back I invent it and send it back to us when we need it.
<Character>: So I have to cram in there with you guys?
Artix: Yes.
Zhoom: Yep.
Cysero: Nope.
Artix: WHAT?!
Zhoom: WHAT?!
Cysero: Yeah, we just have to be NEAR it to time travel.
Zhoom: ... Then why did we stuff ourselves in there?
Cysero: I wanted to see if we would fit.
Artix: Ok, if you're ready, lets go! The future awaits!

Several years in the future...
<Character>: So this is the future, huh? What happened?
Artix: What do you mean?
<Character>: Well the colors look different, Perspective looks weird. The graphics look a little... I don't know... different.
Cysero: We try not to talk about it.
<Character>: OK, so where is this Exodus I need to fight?
Zhoom: Right there.
<Character>: Where? I don't see it.
Zhoom: It's right...
Zhoom: ...THERE!

Exodus walks onto the zoomed out screen

<Character>: Ohhhhh. NOW I see it. How am I supposed to fight that thing? It's taller then that guardian tower!
Artix: I think you will be surprised to see how powerful your dragon has grown.
Artix: If you are prepared then we need to get you on your dragon quickly!
<Character>: Alright, where is the little lizard?

Big dragon walks up ... big dragon

Artix: Here it is. It should be fully powered and ready to fight. You won't need your Dragon Amulet, the other you left his on the dragon.
<Character>: So, I just climb on board?
Artix: In theory, yes. We've never tried this before, so it just might eat you.
<Character>: Super. Thanks.

You get on your dragon.

<Character>: Wow. This feels... right. How do I look Artix?
Artix: You look like a true DragonLord. Are you ready?
<Character>: I guess. Wish me luck!
Artix: Good luck, <character name>. We are all counting on you.

Battle Exodus

Artix: You have done it! Exodus has fallen!
Cysero: (Yeah, right onto the town bakery.)
Artix: Thank you for saving BattleOn, <Character>! It is time to send you back to your own time.
<Character>: I don't get to meet myself?
Cysero: Bad idea. The universe might end.
<Character>: OkK, I can skip it then.
Zhoom: Now that you have seen what is to come, you have the chance to change things.
Zhoom: Because we were forced to interfere with time, we might have cased the timeline to split.
Zhoom: This event might never occur in your future, but thank you for saving our timeline. You are a great hero.
Artix: As soon as the other you comes around I will tell him what you have done for us. I am sure he will be proud.
Cysero: Sorry that I knocked a hole in your time stream. The time hole might stick around for a while before the universe heals. Be careful with it...
Cysero: You never know where or when you will end up.
Artix: Goodbye and good luck with your future, <Character>.
Cysero: See ya later. Or earlier. You know what I mean.
Zhoom: So long, hero. Thank you again.

We Three Spirits

Frozen ball of Lore appears

Frostval Future: If his powers keep growing, by this time next year Lore will be a dead world completely encased in ice.
Frostval Future: We have come to awaken what little Frostval spirit there is within him. It's kind of what we do.
Frostval Present: We're very good at what we do, but should we fail ... the burden of stopping Xanta Claus falls on you, hero.
Frostval Present: If it comes down to battle, you will only be able to stop him if you get ...
Artix: Ha HAAA!

Artix slashes Frostval Present

Frostval Future: ...What the ... that guy just took out Present!

Artix slashes Frostval Future

Frostval Past: HEY! STOP THAT!

Artix takes out Frostval Past

Artix: ...And that takes care of that! THOSE spirits won't be haunting anyone anytime soon.
<Character>: Artix ... you just ...
Artix: No need to thank me, friend! That's what paladins do.

Artix runs off

<Character>: ...
Chilly: ...
Chilly: ... Did ... did Artix just exorcise the ghosts of Frostval Past, Present, and Future?
<Character>: Not in that order, but yes.
Chilly: ... I can't believe that just happened.
<Character>: Well, I guess that means that it's up to me to stop Xanta Claus.
<Character>: These new ice powers of his might be something to worry about after all.

Moonridge: Saved!

Mayor: Today we celebrate the saviors of our home! Behold our heroes <Character> and Artix!
Citizen: HUZZAH!
Citizen: ALL HAIL Artix and <Character>!
Citizen: HOORAY! Thank you <Character>!
Mayor: They selflessly came to Moonridge to rescue us and defeated a horde of undead invaders!
Mayor: For this I am proud to give you the key to the city!

Large Key descends to the stage

Artix: OOOOoooh! A SKELETON key!
Mayor: We have a big night planned, including 'Pin The Tail On Harvey, The Tailless Donkey' ... but first ...
Mayor: ... <Character>, Artix, If there is ever anything the grateful people of Moonridge can ever ...
Lady Vayle: Excuse me, Mayor. I would like to meet and thank our heroes personally.
Citizen: ???
Citizen: ???
Citizen: ???

Lady Vayle walks forward

Lady Vayle: So the two of you single handedly defeated the Necromantress' undead army?
<Character> and Artix in unison: We did our best!
<Character> and Artix in unison: Hey! That was my line!
<Character> and Artix in unison: ...
<Character> and Artix in unison: You go first ...
<Character> and Artix in unison: ...
<Character> and Artix in unison: Stop copying me!
<Character> and Artix in unison: ...
<Character> and Artix in unison: .........
<Character> and Artix in unison: SNICKERDOODLE!
<Character> and Artix in unison: Woah, that was weird
Lady Vayle: Defeating an undead army of that strength requires a great deal of skill and power.
Lady Vayle: That was quite impressive. Let me be the first to PERSONALLY thank you.
Mayor: Please forgive her, heroes. Lady Vayle is very strange.
Artix: Did you say ... Vayle?
Lady Vayle: !!!
Artix: It is just that I knew a girl named Vayle once when I was a young boy.

Lady Vayle: Impossible! This cannot be that little boy I met during the ...
Artix: Could this be the same Vayle I met when I was a little boy?

Sally starts poking something under the stage with a stick

Giant monster bursts from under the stage

Giant pole falls towards Lady Vayle, but Artix intercepts it, holding it up.

Lady Vayle: Artix, he ... he saved me ...

The Green Mist

Many years ago in Doomwood...

Artix's Voice Over: I grew up in a village here in Doomwood ...
Artix's Voice Over: It was not very large, but it was large enough that I had never met Vayle before THAT day ...
Artix's Voice Over: I was in the forest outside of town chopping wood when I heard someone calling for help ...
Artix: *whew* Nearly done!
Girl: Help! Someone, please, help me! Brother ...!
Artix: That is coming from the river! I AM COMING!
Artix's Voice Over: I ran to the river as fast as I could ...

You see a girl drowning in the river
Artix's Voice Over: I saw that someone ... a little girl... had fallen into the river ...
Artix's Voice Over: She was clinging onto a rock but the current was too strong for her...
Artix's Voice Over: I had to try and save her ...
Artix: Try to hold on, I will go get help!
Girl: Help! I can't hold on! Please, help me!
Artix's Voice Over: Town was not too far but I knew that, by the time I returned, she would be gone ...

Artix's Voice Over: I tried to reach her ...
Artix's Voice Over: But I slipped ...

Artix slips and falls into the river

Artix's Voice Over: The rest ...
Artix's Voice Over: ... Is darkness.
Artix's Voice Over: Some time later I awoke to the sound of sobbing ...

cry cry, sniiifff
Artix raises his head

Artix: *Cough splurt* Uhhh. What a ride ...
Artix: Note to self ... next time, use a tree branch to reach the person in the river.
Girl: *sniiifff* You're alive!?
Artix: I... think so. How can I tell?
Girl: Yeah, you're *sob* alive
Artix: Ow, my head ... Where are we?

She lowers her arm off her face

Girl: I... Don't know.
Artix: The river must have washed us up in this cave ... You are from my village, right?
Vayle: I'm Vayle. Yeah, I live in the village too ... with my brother.
Artix: What about your parents?
Vayle: They're ... dead. It's just me and my brother now.
Vayle: We look out for each other. He'll be worried if I don't come home before sunset.
Vayle: He's the strongest, bravest best brother ever. If he was here, he would know how to get us out of this cave. *sob*
Artix: Do not worry Vayle. My name is Artix ...
Artix: I will get you back to your brother as soon as I can! I think I see a tunnel over there.
Artix: There is no need to be scared. Follow me, I will protect you!
Vayle: O..*sniff* Ok.

Artix: I see light! It looks like we have made it out, Vayle!
Vayle: What's THAT light? It's ... pulsing.
Artix:I do not think we should ...

Vayle walks toward the blue light

Artix: Vayle ... come back. We should leave!
Artix: Do not forget about your brother! He will be worried!

Light flashes

Artix: VAYLE! I am coming!

Artix walks over to her

Artix's Voice Over: I knew exactly where we were as soon as I saw the chamber...
Artix: This looks like ... the old Guardian Tower. We should not be here!
Artix: Are you alright? What ... what happened to you?
Vayle: I'm fine, I think. I just touched that orb ...

Artix lifts the orb up

Artix's Voice Over: As I lifted the orb, I heard it talking to me ...
Artix's Voice Over: It was whispering in my mind ...
Artix's Voice Over: It said that I would have great strength and great power...
Artix's Voice Over: It said that I could increase that power a thousandfold, if I gave myself over to the darkness ...
Artix's Voice Over: ...
Artix's Voice Over: There was a moment when I almost ...
Artix's Voice Over: ...
Artix's Voice Over: ... But I did not.

Artix lowers the orb to the ground

Artix's Voice Over: Right then and there I decided to turn my back on the darkness forever ...
Artix's Voice Over: That was when I decided to become a power of good!
Artix: I am leaving, Vayle.
Artix: This is a bad place and we should NOT be here. Come on.

Artix walks away

Vayle is about to touch the orb again

Artix's Voice Over: Once we got back to the village, things did not quite go as I expected ...
Brother: VAYLE! I was so worried. What ... are those WINGS? What ... ??!!
Vayle: Brother, please don't be mad! I got lost and this boy found me.
Vayle: His name is Artix and he ...
Brother: YOU! Somehow you did this to my little sister! You... stay away from her!
Artix: But... No... I....

Green Mist rolls in

Artix's Voice Over: That night I was still trying to find a way to explain things to Vayle's brother ...
Artix's Voice Over: That is when the Green Mist rolled in...
Artix's Voice Over: Suddenly everyone in town was transformed into ... zombies...
Artix's Voice Over: That night I lost everything and everyone that I ever knew...
Artix's Voice Over: ...
Artix's Voice Over: I had no choice. I had to fight my way out ...

Artix's Voice Over: As I looked back at the village I thought I saw a person.... with wings...
Artix's Voice Over: but then, the figure was lost in the smoke ...
Artix's Voice Over: I turned my back on the village and ran for my life ...
Artix's Voice Over: I knew nobody could survive that. I thought I was the only one who lived ...

Shows Artix lying on the ground

Artix's Voice Over: I wandered in the woods for ... I do not know how long...
Artix's Voice Over: Eventually I reached the end of my strength ...
Artix's Voice Over: I thought that I was done for ... then ...

Woman comes in and Artix lifts his head

Lady Celestia: Hello there, young man ...
Lady Celestia: ... Would you like some tea?

Flashback ends

Artix: She nursed me back to health and began training me to battle the forces of evil (but I had enough tea to last me a lifetime).
Artix: My contact with the orb had changed me.
Artix: I could now sense the presence of the undead, and I instinctually knew the best way to battle them.
Artix: A few years later I joined the paladin order as a paladin-in-training.
Artix: I put all thoughts of the village behind and looked forward to my new life.
Artix: Then, when I saw Vayle it all came back to me.
Artix: She and I were the only ones who survived that night ... we were unchanged by the Green Mist.
Artix: She and I were the only ones who touched that orb ...
Artix: I think that orb was the Elemental Orb of Darkness.
Artix: I do not know how but I think Noxus got his hands on it, and is using its power to help construct Sepulchure's army.
Artix: If I am right... stopping Noxus is more important than I first thought.
Artix: I am just glad that you are by my side <Character>.
Artix: Together, I KNOW that we can stop Noxus and the necromancers!


Joins you in party when you invite him. Artix's special attack is so ridiculously overpowered that low level characters can storm through early quests using Artix to slay everything. Recommended as your principal Friend.

Guest Statistics

Basic Informations
Level of Guest: 3
Character Type:Guest
Location:Amityvale Graveyard, Well, Well, Well, Battle for Moonridge!
Dragon Amulet Needed:No
Guest Statistics
Damage Type:Melee, Metal
Special Effects:Holy Strike: Converts damage into Light.


Artix's Battle Axe - The Blinding Light of Destiny!


  • May preform quadruple attack at random.
  • Also see Young Artix.
  • As of April 2008, Artix's attacks with four hits, doing a random damage of 1-30 (This excludes criticals).
  • On May 31st He seems to be nerfed back to only one attack except that his holy strike (light attack) still hits 4x, but very rarely he still seems to hit 4x with a normal attack.
  • Critical can hit 1-719*
*(Highest hit recorded so far).
  • It is said that Adam Bohn, (the real-life Artix) is going to make the in-game Artix "levelable" in the future. From design notes: "Guess which NPC will make his final home and become levelable in the haunted forest! ^_^"
  • Artix has a dog named Daimyo.
  • If you have a maxed out necromancer character, use dominate on Artix in PVP and he will kill himself right away cause his damage is way too strong (found out by tech1357 when PVPing), this should be the fastest way to get PVP trophies in my opinion. It takes like at least a minute to get one trophy if you have a fast computer. (warning, dominate won't always work, it can backfire letting Artix do 150% damage which can kill you in one hit, the hit at least does 2500 damage plus).
  • According to Artix's story about his accidental creation of the first Doom Weapon, he was most likely level 33, then lost 30 levels after his battle with the necromancer he fought and thus explains why he is level 3.
  • Artix is always here when undead is roaming the streets even ghosts he has a undead senses tingling.
  • Artix always uses the basic longsword.
  • Artix is the most useful character to bring in quests involving Undead or Evil Characters.
  • Has not had a large storyline appearance since the Fire War.
  • Contradicts himself in many cases, saying that he believes to be the only Paladin, and will later make a 'Paladin Order', but mentions that he joined the Paladin Order as a 'Paladin-In-Training'.
  • Artix is a one of the glitchiest guests available. In the past he had a glitch called Double Artix the glitch had 3 easy steps. You would invite him as friend B(step 1)then go on the quest Well, Well, Well (step 2) and at the end of the quest Artix would join as friend A which would get you double Artix. The glitch was fixed but replaced with another. He has a new glitch which I nicknamed Undead Artix. This glitch is useful but unfair. When one monster kills Artix in your party he is no longer available during that battle. Although, when you go into another battle he reappears with zero health. This gives you a chance to let him take a health potion and let him live on. The glitch still works.

Based on Aqworlds, Artix is shown that he is the Champion of Darkness, which cause the first undead invasion.

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