Armor Closet

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Armor Closet
Armor Closet
Contains Armors... it's inside is bigger than it looks.This item can also save an armor as your default class.
Level: 1
Location:Ikea's House Items and House Shop
Price:1000 DC
Sellback:Within 24 hours: 900 DragonCoins, After 24 hours 125 DragonCoins
  • In the first weekend the closet was available, the price was only 500 DragonCoins.
  • You can't equip armors that you have not unlocked.
  • Allows Armor Saving as of 11-27-08

At this time, the only armors that can be stored inside the armor closet are:

The armor closet also has several unique properties.

  • Some armors that are no longer publicly available are available in the closet! For example, even if you never unlocked the Dread Pirate armor, if you have an armor closet, and you have the Pirate armor unlocked, you can still access it, as well as the Pirate Monkey armor!
  • Seasonal armors like the Pumpkin Lord and Frost Moglin armors are also accessible here if you have unlocked them.

Some armors, however, are not available in the armor closet. These are the armors that are not truly classes, but that are accessed through inventory items. For example: