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Aquella is found in The Locker, at the second screen.


A young and innocent water elf who happens to know about the Water Orb.




Water Orb Saga

Aquella's Random Quests


The Locker
Aquella: Another surface dweller? Can’t you stay on land? Why do you have to keep invading my home?

Aquella: You litter the sea floor with your broken ships… barrels, ropes, bones thrown overboard.
Aquella: Turning my beautiful sea floor into this!
Aquella: And now, through some no doubt insidious magic… you can breathe underwater!
Aquella: More and more of you humans keep coming down here… and now you gather your broken ships together and make a town!
Aquella: "The Locker" is not a welcome sight and if I ever get my staff back I’ll sweep it back to where it came from!

What happened to your staff?
Aquella: It’s lost.
Aquella: One day I’ll find it though…
Aquella: … and I’ll sweep the sea clean of all the surface pollution.
Aquella: So, if I were you I’d leave before I find my staff.

Aquella: Do you really think I would trust someone from the surface?

Aquella: How did you get down here anyways?

Aquella: Undead Pirates are attacking!

Aquella: Great One…?

Aquella: Ok, I’m coming out but don’t hurt me... I’m just a kid.
Aquella: Heehee!
Aquella: !!!

Aquella: What happened to them? Tell me!
Aquella: *sniff*…*sniff*

Aquella: *sniff* I...thank you, <Character>. I don't deserve to be saved though. It's all...*sniff* It's all my fault.
Aquella: No, there's only me left. I'm the only one left who can protect the water and...and...I don't know how! It's all my fault the water elves are gone.
Aquella: I made them disappear!

Aquella: I can tell you where Tethys is…
Aquella: They told me not to touch it, but it was so pretty and blue. I…I…just wanted to see it!
Aquella: They were all so proud of it, they said it was what protected the waters…what protected us.
Aquella: So I didn’t listen… I snuck in and...

Aquella: *gasp*
Aquella: PRETTY!!!
Aquella: Hmm…
Aquella: I’m just gonna play with it for a little while, that’s all…
Aquella: Hee hee!

Aquella: …Yes.
Aquella: The other elves caught me…
Aquella: I can still see their faces, how angry they were.

Aquella: I ran away!
Aquella: I didn’t mean to do anything bad! I…I just didn’t want to see them looking so disappointed at me.
Aquella: I found a place to sleep and…I had a terrible nightmare…
Aquella: When I woke up, I went right back home…and everyone was gone! The whole city was deserted!
Aquella: *sniff*
Aquella: I’ve tried to protect the water since then and now look at it. It’s all my fault!

Aquella: No! I don’t want to go there…I don’t want to see it empty again.
Aquella: … Really?

Aquella: Were you brave enough to go inside the tower?

Aquella: What happened when you got knocked out?

Aquella: Some...Something is wrong... the voices... they're everywhere...

Aquella: Kathool has risen!
Aquella: Me? But... but, I can't do it alone.
Aquella: I... I don't know how though.
Aquella: But... but... it's all my fault.... all the elves are gone.
Aquella: Lilithe! But how?
Aquella: But if I hadn't played with the Orb...
Aquella: It's gone...