Advanced CorDemi Codex

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Key Form
Sword Form
Dagger Form
Staff Form
The icon representing Advanced CorDemi Cordex
Advanced CorDemi Codex
CLICK ON THIS strange CorDemi item while holding it to change it's shape to best suit you. This version of the otherworldly weapon is for more advanced adventurers.
Level Required: 10
Equipment Type: Sword / Staff / Dagger / Key
Damage: 25 - 40 (Sword, Staff, Dagger); 3 - 4 (Key)
DPT: 33 (Sword, Staff, Dagger); 4 (Key)
Damage Type: Melee, Metal
Rarity: 1
Location: Cysero's Superstore of Savings, Bandit Camp (Rare), Root Of All Sneevil (Rare), Spirits in the Inn (Rare)
Price: 30 DragonCoins
Sellback: Within 24 hours of purchase:27 DragonCoins
After 24 hours:8 Dragoncoins
Sellback: 3 gold
Category: Weapon
Equip Spot: Weapon
Dragon Amulet Needed: No


Crit: +2