7/8/06 DragonFable Stress Test

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The DragonFable Stress Test was a test to the DragonFable servers. It allowed Adventurers to play DragonFable to play for the first time. During this time, there was an "egg hunt." This test began on 7/8/2006 and ended on 7/10/2006.


The purpose of this test was to see how much the servers could handle. With the egg hunt, this forced alot of people to play. The servers actually managed to survive the test unharmed.

Egg Hunt

This egg hunt had three rare eggs that were released in quests. Non-rare versions (Rough Egg, Smooth Egg, Weird Egg) were sold in Cysero's Dragon Coin Shop for 1, 10 and 20 Dragon Coins.


The eggs were Rare Rough Egg, Rare Smooth Egg and Rare Weird Egg. They were released in these locations:

Rare Rough Egg: Root Of All Sneevil, Sneevil Box Fort
Rare Smooth Egg: It's A Dirty Job..., Marsh Madness
Rare Weird Egg: The Deep Freeze, Desert Tomb, Fiery Heart of Mt. Shining Star

and had levels of 1, 10 and 20 respectively. They will hatch into pets later on.

Egg Rebellion

This egg hunt led to the Great Egg Rebellion Of '06! because of the frustration most people had when trying to find the eggs. This was only on forums and of no great importance.