06/22/06 The Great Cysero Rebellion of 2006

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Location Info

Where: Cysero's Dragon Coin Shop

Information: Some players started a rebellion in the DragonFable forum to overthrow Cysero the mad weaponsmith...

Effects: ...and got implemented into the game as NPCs that took over Cysero's shop!

NPS (from left to right): Rimblade, Nikemorya, Maestro911, Lord Asparagus, Cysero's (broken) Orb (on the floor).

The "rebels" inside Cysero's shop

Important text

Lord Asparagus: !Viva La Revolución! Welcome to the Dragon Coin shop. Cysero is currently... unavailable. But feel free to shop!


Cysero's (broken) Orb: Wel... to Cysero's... I ma... sell... *Static* FINEST... magical weapon... cheap...

Lord Asparagus: The great Cysero Rebellion of 2006 is underway! Cysero shall fall!

Nikemorya: Um.. the only thing that fell was his Crystal ball.

Maestro911: For the last time.. it slipped!

Nikemorya: Hero_Killer is going to be mad, he wanted to be the one that broke that thing.

Rimblade: Shhhh! I think someone is coming.

<all four hide behind the counter>

Cysero's (broken) Orb: *Buzzz....* *Buzzzz....*

Nikemorya: Coast Clear?

Lord Asparagus: Um.... why are we hiding? This is a rebellion!

Player: My apologies for asking... but... what are you guys doing?

Maestro911: A rebellion! So that I can proclaim myself 'The New Mad Weaponsmith of Dragon Fable'!

Rimblade: I thought you just wanted to be mentioned in the design notes?

Lord Asparagus: Slim chance they will mention in the design notes... everyone knows game developers never do anything cool with the players.

Nikemorya: Yeah.... I wish they would do SOMETHING to show us that they read the forums.

Rimblade: Yeah, it would be so cool to be in a game.

Nikemorya: Do not get your hopes up Rimblade, it is NEVER going to happen.

Maestro911: NEVER....

Lord Asparagus: EVER...

Player: Well, good luck getting in the game guys. You are on the forums right?

Everyone: YUP! See you on the forums. Look for us in The great Cysero Rebellion of 2006!