Death Ivy Dagger III

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The Icon representing Death Ivy Dagger III
Death Ivy Dagger III
And you thought falling into poison ivy was bad! You REALLY don't want to fall into a patch of THIS ivy. But it sure makes great weapons! Suggested by Zhukai, forest wanderer and naturalist extraordinaire! This item requiers a Dragon Amulet.
Level Required: 59
Equipment Type: Dagger
Damage: 68 - 82
DPT: 75
Damage Type: Melee, Disease
Rarity: 5
Location: Player Suggestion Shop
Price: 9500 Gold
Sellback: 950 Gold
Category: Weapon
Equip Spot: Weapon
Dragon Amulet Needed: Yes
Notes: Animated


Crit: +5

Magic Def: +4

Melee Def: +4

WIS: +6

END: +6

DEX: +4

Bonus: +1