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Unlocking the Main Page

Although I would love to have it where the Main Page could be unlocked, contributed to, but not vandalized, I don't think it could happen.
The Wiki may seem calm at this time, and for the most part, it is.
However, there is still the threat of one vandal coming in and wrecking so many things.
I listened to your suggestion, and it is valid, but I do not think it would work at this time.

The Doctor 00:27, 15 February 2011 (UTC)

I can unlock Main Page, but probably I won't do it. Why?
  • I think that Main Page is updating all the time;
  • Some people cannot edit pages;
  • Somebody could just vandalize that page.

Besides, I think that unlocking Main Page shouldn't be my decision. Wait for Moderators' answer. -- Akiria 15:23 , 15 February (UTC)


Category for NPCs is [[[Category:NPC]]], not [[[Category:NPCs]]]. Read more in How to Create and Edit Articles and NPC Template. -- Akiria 27 February, 21:14 (UTC +1)

--RE: Categories--

Umm...Maybe you're right? Do what you want. Better think how you'll change links in Navigation. Good Night. :) -- Akiria 27 February, 22:00 (UTC +1)