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Ryo Sangnior

Decided I might as well create a user page. So...I prefer to be completely anonymous online (Bwahahaha!).

IE has a zoom function, to use when taking pics.

NTS: 137%, Staffs. 160% could be tried.

172%, Swords.
225% tentatively, daggers.
160% Monsters

Finally got Obsidian Chest. Around 52nd run in cave. Levelled from 24 to 26, gained 4000 gold or so. Ahhh. :P.


Tog pics with better contrast... Race to the KeyGems & Ninja Sneevil at the keep invasion.
Custom weapons. Artix's PVP Axe; Ghost's Blade of Spooky Hotness; Rolith's Hammer of Domination; SuperKnife!!! (Zartan); Zhoom's Superior Blade; Cysero's Massive Rawk Thunder Kill You Stick; Godking Linus (Cysero, Riona); Dev's Necklace of Testing (Eternally mysterious, I would be unable to differentiate it's specific enchantments from that of weapons, assuming it was worn in PvP); Test Helmet (Cysero); any more?
Check new images from encyclo, replace what I can.


Slitherkin, 12-12 normally. Gigawatt, 25-25 normally. Nuit's Edge, 32-32 normally. Ruby Vision, 35-35 normally.


  • Feather Bomb: 4-36 (7,29,15,5,30,14,11,26,60(crit),7,56(crit),8,4,7,17,25,36,25,32,5,29,35,5,35,20,31,29,32,33,18,24,8,12,28)
  • Mad: 1-2

Default Mage Weap, 3-5.

  • Feather Bomb: 1-15
  • Mad: 1-1


  1. DragonScale
  2. Breath
  3. Roar
  4. Rend
  5. Regen
  6. Bite
  7. Eye
  8. Pierce
  9. Coil
  10. Daze
  11. Strike
  12. Burn
  13. Frenzy
  14. Mega


  • Artix: 22
  • Zhoom: 2
  • Charis: 154640
  • Rolith: 35
  • Zartan: 193521
  • Cysero: 137382
  • Riona: 165307

Scaled Monsters CAPping