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Halandir and his dragon Halthûrin

Halandir is my character that I based on the Light element. He is a Warrior, Paladin, DragonLord and DragonRider. His Dragon is Halthûrin. His passion is to fight the evil alongside Artix. He has a 5-room Hamelin house in Falconreach complete with a Healing Pad, Potion Chest, Vault and Artix Statue to summon his mentor to battle whenever he is needed. His character ID# is: 26479046 and he is currently level 21.


Halandir was born to Raynar the White Mage and Saphira the Rogue in Falconreach. His destiny was to become the Warrior of the Light and eventually join his mother and father in the Plane of Light. But complications arose when the White Dragon Box containing the Dragon he was one day to ride dissapeared. He grew into a strong warrior with the help of Artix and went on the mission to protect both Dragon Boxes, regardless of what they contained. Eventually he was able to retrieve the egg from the Black Dragon Box and it hatched to him! The White Dragon Box ended up in the hands of Sepulchure, and the dragon in the box was changed into a Dracolich by the Cursed One. He named the dragon Halthûrin, and continues to battle evil and save lore to this day. However he does not know if Halthûrin is the dragon that will save all of lore, or destroy it. Only time can tell.


The classes that Halandir currently studies and the amount of abilities he has unlocked:

Warrior 14/14

DragonWarrior 14/14

DeathKnight 0/14

DragonLord 14/14

DragonRider 6/14

DragonSlayer 1/14

Guardian 0/14

Necromancer 14/14

Ninja 0/14

Paladin 14/14

Pirate 0/14

Dread Pirate 0/14

Ranger 0/14

ChickenCow Lord 0/9

Evolved ChickenCow Armor 0/14

Pumpkin Lord 0/14

Evolved Pumpkin Lord 0/14

Frost Moglin Armor 0/14

Gnomish Personal Steamtank 0/14

Human Ninja Monkey 0/7

Human Pirate Monkey 0/7

Shadow Armor 0/14

Snuggle Bear 5/5

Technomancer 0/14

SoulWeaver 0/14

DoomKnight 0/14


The current base stats of Halandir:

HP: 565

MP: 300

STR: 10

END: 10

INT: 10

CHA: 10

DEX: 10

LUK: 10


Melee: 10

Range: 15

Magic: 13

Parry: 0

Dodge: 3

Block: 0


Dmg: 40-72

Element: Light

Crit: 9

Bonus: 6

Boost: 0%


Ice: 2

Fire: 2

Stone: 3

Wind: 3

Light: 5

Darkness: 10

Other Stats

Other stats of Halandir:

Aeris Battlespire: 3/20 Scrapper

Alchemy: 10/50 (Heals 175 HP)

Blacksmithing: 35/35

Cooking: 1/6 Home Cook

Fishing: 5/30 Finface

Highest Crit: 405

Currently equipped items

Weapon: Mighty Blinding Light of Destiny

Helm: Icemaster Yeti Dragon Helm (Level 20)

Cape/Wings: Gunmetal Wings of Wind

Ring: Band of Avoidance

Necklace: Thursday's Dragon Necklace

Trinket: Crystal Focus

Belt: Thursday's Dragon Belt

Pet: Dragon (Halthûrin)

Dragon Stats


Min Dmg: 9

Max Dmg: 13

Crit Chance: 5

Element: Light

Protection: 3

Magic: 3

Fighting: 4

Assistance: 3

Mischief: 3

My Goals

My Goals in DragonFable:

- Reach Level 60

- Fully train all class armors

- Fully upgrade my DragonLord armor - Check!

- Fully upgrade my Destiny Weapon

- Have full even stats

- Fully train my Dragon (Baby and Adult)

- Reach "Grand Master Duelist" in the Aeris Battlespire

- Reach "Master of the Deep" in Fishing

- Reach level 50 in Alchemy

- Fully train my Blacksmithing level - Check!

- Get all the best "Light" element weapons/items in the game

- Fully decorate my House

- Grow my Dragon to a Toddler - Check!

- Defeat Xan - Check!

- Defeat Sepulchure

- Buy all slots (inventory, house, bank etc.)

About Me


My name is Justin Riley. I'm 14 years old and I live in Australia. I am also a Leukemia survivor. I started playing the Artix Entertainment games in 2008. I started with just Adventure Quest, and then moved onto to DragonFable and MechQuest. I didn't play these as much as AQ but after I reached level 50 in AQ I grew tired of the mediocre graphics and basic battle system. I played DragonFable a little more and really got into it. I bought a Dragon Amulet and I now play it frequently.

If you want to ask me anything, use my discussion page, I'm happy to chat!

P.S. Do not alter this page in any way without my permission! Violators will pay for it in the Battlespire!

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