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Wicked Set

D.F Name: James

ID: 2159666

Level: 34

Category: Mage

Dragon Amulet: Yes

Guardian: Yes

Current Weapon: Guided DragonStaff of Destiny

Gold: 0k at the moments however im trying to save up for another SkullStaff of Doom and i also need both the Dragonlord armor (evolved and colour customisable) so another 40k of farming...

Dragon Coins: 8...

Favorite Quest: The Wrath of Xan!

Least Favorite Quest: The Crystal Shard

Favorite Boss: DragonMaster FrostScythe

Least Favorite Boss: Bassault

Home Town: Falconreach

Opinion on Friends: Makes good screenshots but if your training it makes the turns go really slowly....

Goal In The Game: To get a Rogue, Mage, Warrior to Level Cap and have all Classes trained up to full.

Dragon: Yes

Baby Stats:

Protection: 0

Magic: 59

Fighting: 1

Assistance: 0

Mischief: 1

Items I need to collect