The Hunt for Greg

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Greg the Trans-dimensional Cricket

The hunt for Greg the Trans-dimensional Cricket was released on September 19th as an in game and forum event. With the re-release of the 6th floor in The Lymcrest Labyrinth, a red wall was added to the 10th floor boss room. Walking through it resulted in the following conversation.

Greg: So you managed to catch the monkey, huh?
Your character: What monkey?
Greg: Never mind. Lets get this over with.
Your character: I'm not exactly sure what's going on...who are you?
Greg: The name's Gergor- sorry, Greg! Second best martial artist in the universe!
Your character: Who's the first?
Greg: *sighs* Nevermind that. I challenge you to catch me. Do this and you'll prove youve you've got more speed if nothing else.
Greg: I'm capable of appearing anywhere in LORE in a moment's notice, so good luck keeping up!
Your character: So you'll appear in random places all over LORE and I'll have to find out where you are?
Greg: Nice Exposition. I'll be placed randomly in 10 quests all over the game. Once you find me 10 times, you'll have to find your way back here.
Your character: What then?
Greg: You get to try to hit me with a hammer.
Your character: Ugh, we are not being subtle this time at all, are we Rolith?
Rolith: Heh, This quest will reset if you exit the game, and you'll have to start over. Check the forums for help! You'll need it!

  • Find me if you can*

Once the conversation ended, Greg would disappear.

Three forum topics spanning about 9 hours immediately pursued Greg and the result was 10 locations.



1: The Worst Prank Ever
2: Fiery Heart of Mt. Shining Star
3: What's mine is mine
4: Reagent Search
5: Save the Mill
6: Well, Well, Well
7: The Mollo Tree
8: The Traitor
9: Noxus Fumes
10: Stocking the Shelves


Once completed, return to Greg's hidden room in the labyrinth for Foam Rolith's Hammer(temporary).


Greg is now a pet and can be bought for 10 gold at the new Togicide quest in the The Lymcrest Labyrinth


  • Quests CANNOT to be completed to register finding Greg. You must teleport hometown.
  • All progress is lost if you logout.
  • Reference to DragonBall Z.