The Gate Keeper

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Noxus towers over the Undead Army
The Necromancy University handbook
The Gate Keeper
Before: Using Zorbak's student I.D. you and Artix have infiltrated the Necropolis! What secrets will you uncover?
After: That is a whole lot of udead, right there. If Noxus is able to hand off that army to Sepulchure, Falconreach and the rest of Lore will fall into Darkness. You have to think of a way to stop him!
Location Info
Level Required: 3
Location: The Necropolis
Dragon Amulet Needed: No
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Random
Monster List: -
NPCs: Noxus, Necromantress
Total Experience: Scaled
Total Gold: Scaled
Equipment Won: Undead Slayer Badge